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Data Monitor

Do you have a monthly, weekly or even daily data limit on your mobile account? I know I do, which is why we leapt at the appearance of Data Monitor as a utility to help keep track of usage. However, with barely more data-gathering functionality than the built-in Log utility and with an intrusive and hard-to-configure, always-on 'ticker', it seems that Data Monitor isn't ready for the prime time just yet, as you can read in David Gilson's review.

Read on in the full article.

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Now if the developers of this app has read my Nokia Data Monitor App idea in the N8MakeMyApp competition, they would of made it be of more use to the user. Missed the boat they have imo.

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I don't really see how this differs from the free Data Quota:

which does also let you set the day of your billing cycle, when the data transfer counter should reset.

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i agree

having used many smartphones on both symbian, wm and android, i always find data counters invaluable. though lately i have a subscribtion that just closes my data conection when i reach my limit.
still it is nice to keep track of how much i have left and know when to hold back on my usage.
of all my phones nothing seems to consume data like android, that system seems built for being always on, pushing and pulling data. symbian and wm moderáte their needs much better.
anyway. i've always found that keeping track of my usage through one of these applications is a great idear.

regards, arne

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Smile DataQuota

I also use the free App DataQuota . The issue here is : it won't split data used by WiFi and by 2/3 G .
DQ doesn't start at 0 (zero) at the starting date . Refresh also doesn't work .
I have the impression it only keeps track of all data stored in Log . My Log setting is on Max , which is 30 days .

When monitoring my Data use once in a while , the outcome changes between 300 and 450 MB used data . During 1 month (30 days) use .

My conclusion : It nicely adds all data stored in Log . It's great little help , in case you have to count all kB's from Log .

Regards jApi NL

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wouldn't it be better...

wouldn't it be better to have these features integrated into the Log app?
it just another app that will take up resources and has minimal interaction time with the user. it should be behind the scenes like most nokia services, not just hide in the task switcher.

for a web junkie with music playing at the same time N97 user, we need our precious RAM! i'm sure i'm not alone in this. peace

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The trouble with these data meter apps is that they don't agree with what the networks count as your data usage.

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I stuck it at the bottom of the screen on my E71, between the soft keys. Seems happy there, lets see how much of my 10gb cap i chew a month.

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Try Netqin Mobile Guard

As well as having great system tools, it has a kick ass data counter with on screen widget, set quota and billing date. And its free.

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Limited data? Where?


data, monitor

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