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How to: Get push GMail for free

Do you use GMail or a service like it on the web? Does your email server have an IMAP option? If so, why not set up Messaging on your S60, UIQ or Series 80 smartphone for IMAP access and get pseudo-push email, simply and for free? I investigate what's involved. And how does GMail via IMAP/Messaging compare with GMail via the dedicated Java application?

Read on in the full article.

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Set the polling time for 1 minute and pop3/smtp becomes virtually as good as push.

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One of the great things of GMail Imap is that when you delete a message on your phone, GMail archives it (in stead of deleting it). This way you can easily and rapidly do some organizing on your phone and you don't have to go through the same mails again when you log into your GMail account.

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I really don't know the technical details but I've been told that this isn't pseudo push email at all. It's how all push email works: The 'idle' feature of an IMAP connection.

It works flawlessly with the built in S60 messaging client & my email provider ( Orange still slaughter me for data rates but it's nice (& free!) on a wireless connection at the office & home. I've never understood the need for 3rd party solutions.

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I agree. This is actually I am using my gmail. I do have a few cribs though:

1) I cannot delete mail in the inbox that I do not want. If I delete mail in the IMAP mailbox, GMail archives it and does not delete it. Fortunately, mail that has landed in the spam folder gets deleted when i delete it on the phone. I wish that deleting mail on phone deletes it on the GMail account too, and does not get archived.

2) Labels created in gmail come up as folders on the phone. Now this I am fine with, but I not able to move/mark a mail in the inbox to these gmail folders or labels

3) Cannot identify auto labels that have been marked to mails

These were gmail specific. Some generic ones:

4) While I am manually updating my mailbox, the messaging app does not let me access any other mailbox, message section.

5) No way to access the address book online.

6) Forwarding attachments requires the phone to re-upload them. They are already on the mail server. Why not just pick that and forward? Saves time and data volume charged to me.

I dont know how many would agree with my points. Or maybe I am asking too much from technology at this point.

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I can't seem to get my N95 to SEND messages.

They are just added to the outbox with the status "in queue" (or something like that, I'm on a Danish phone) but are never sent.

All my settings seem to be correct, including smtp server and ports.

very annoying

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After automatic retrieval, does your phone disconnect from Vodafone? I find when I use IMAP it doesn't drop the connection after it has checked the email.

Because of this, in a 3.5g area I could theoretically miss calls.

Drops the connection fine using POP
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Set your retrieval time on IMAP to 30 minutes to gain real push!!!

30 minutes retreval for IMAP should be named as Idle.

Try it: When I set the retrieval to 30 minutes I get the notification and mail in only 1 second!!!

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@Malerock: why do you want to delete messages in GMail? Space is almost infinite

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If you read Gmail IMAP help you would know how to really delete a message and how to apply/remove labels. RTFM before claiming it's impossible.

Last edited by crimper; 14-03-2008 at 01:36 PM.

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Using Gmail with my N95 but with Profimail, I found that under POP is way faster than IMAP, Profimail allows to set any retrieval interval.

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IDLE doesn't require such short intervals

The IDLE mode in IMAP works by maintaining a connection with the server - this way the server can tell your client s/w immediately when there's a new message - your client s/w doesn't have to keep asking.

With IDLE, there's normally no point in having your client check for new messages so often - it only makes things worse, loading the server unnecessarily/etc and causing increased data traffic.

For example, my email provider,, recommends[1] setting the interval to 28 minutes because their server will disconnect IDLE sessions at 30 minutes with no activity, and checking just before then will keep the connection open constantly.

Of course, all this assumes that it is possible to maintain a constant connection. If you're using a cell phone network, that's like not possible. If for example, you go through a lot of tunnels or are in an area that isn't well covered, then I'd guess you're cell phone wouldn't keep a connection for too long. This can also happen if you're on the move a lot with wifi - I like to walk around my office building and have my phone switch automatically between all the different wifi networks in coffee shops and whatnot (see, so the connection gets lost in that situation too. In all these situations, a more frequent polling interval is unavoidable as far as I can tell.

So, if you only use email through wifi and are usually pretty static, then you might be doing your email service provider a favour (and lower their costs/improve their servier) by setting the polling interval to be longer than 5 minutes.

What I would like to see is a new version of Messaging that sets an Active Object waiting for signals from whatever server is giving it access to the internet - usually the radio, whether that be wifi or cell phone - and stop trying to connect when there's no connectivity, and start again automatically when connectivity resumes. It really should be pretty easy to do this, IINM.

BTW, Steve - Messaging does have a 'mark as unread' option, at least on my E90. It's not on the menu when you're viewing a single message, but it is on the menu when your viewing a list of messages. At least it works just fine on my E90 with - perhaps it's a problem with Gmail (I have an account, but I don't really use it).

NB. IDLE need support from both server and client s/w. Some servers don't support IDLE, and some clients don't either (eg Evolution). From testing, it seems like Nokia's Messaging client does, as well as Mozilla Thunderbird (a desktop client).

BE A GOOD NETIZEN: If you do choose to have your mailbox checked at regular intervals, then please change the default setting (10 minutes) to something more reasonable (more minutes) in case you leave Thunderbird running while you go out on vacation ;-)

I'm sure I don't need to spell out the problems it could cause for the nice people at FastMail.FM if lots of people left Thunderbird to check for mail every 10 minutes. You could also end up with a bigger bill from your ISP for Internet traffic.

You will get instant notifications of new mail since Thunderbird supports the IDLE command, however you should set this interval to just under 30 (say 28 for example) minutes since Fastmails IMAP server will disconnect you after 30 minutes with no activity. Checking for mail just prior to this timeout will prevent disconnections.

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"If you read Gmail IMAP help you would know how to really delete a message and how to apply/remove labels. RTFM before claiming it's impossible."

Touchy aren't we?!

He didn't claim it wasn't possible, he said that he couldn't do it; not the same thing at all.

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Hey I never seem to be able to download attachments, either via Gmail or this method. Can anyone help?

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Gmail imap

I too like the Gmail Imap version better than pop with it's virtual push. (polling every minute drains battery to get the same functionality via pop)

However, it does not work as nice as with my iphone for some reason.

When I move messages, delete, etc on my N95, I get the same frustrations as the others have listed above. When I do the same thing with my Gmail account from my iphone, everything is perfect. Never an issue. Whatever I do on the iphone shows up online from my laptop instantly, and vice versa.

I wonder what the difference is between how IMAP Gmail is done in S60 as opposed to iphone?

I used it on a Windows Mobile phone and my company issued blackberry too. Both were the java versions. They were slower, but had less sync issues than my N95. Can't figure out what the deal is.


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