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N8 MP3 Music Player that plays folders

Hi All,

Spent hours and hours trawling boards tying to find something SO simple, I want a music player on my N8 that I can simply direct to one of my many music folders and tell it to play what's inside.

Eventually paid 1 for Audiowave on NokiaStore which is one of only 2 I could find on there and it does not seem to have ANY file selection ability at all. It just has a massive list of all the audio files on your phone in a tiny window and good luck scrolling down through a thousand or so to find one you want....

The built in media player is incapable of playing music in a folder, forcing you to select it by album/artist (useful if you just put 500 mixed songs in a folder and want to play all of them on shuffle... NOT) and it's literally doing my nut. Something that a windows 95 pc or a 10 year old windows phone could do fine I can't do in 2012. Android and Iphone no problem as any amount of music players are available plus theirs actually work.

I found Folderplay 1.8 but it won't install saying certificate is invalid (if my pc behaved in this manner when I told it to do something I don't know what I'd do!).

Does anyone have any other app suggestions?

On my N86 I installed a great music player which worked like winamp basic and it was called something like gsplayer I think - but I can't find it. It had a symbol like a little green tree and it would play folders just fine - does anyone know what it was?

Help apprecaited - I'm so frustrated by the inability to do basic things on this phone, like last a day on the battery, have bluetooth not flatten it in 2hrs, play music by folder, browse/use data by wifi only when in range, have 3g off unless it's required... I could go on and on.


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The only one I found which works that's free is a nice simple program called Music Launcher. If you get it from the software makers website then it is signed (well it was when I used it).

For paid apps, I use Musicbox3 but its interface is not intuative and you have to have your folders set up in a certain way. Full instructions on its website and I must say the audio quality is the best I've found on symbian so there claims about an improvement in sound quality is well founded in my oppinion. That is on the ovi store but not sure how much it costs at the moment, I paid 1.50 I think.

Like you I've looked everywhere for this and can't believe the in built music player is missing this obvious feature.

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You should put the correct tags in your mp3's so they can play in some order. I did that yesterady using this editor in windows:

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Thanks for the tip about Music Launcher.

As for tagging mp3's - I do not have that kind of spare time. I drag an assortment of maybe 400 mp3's from various albums etc, tell my player to play that folder on random and live like that for a month till I get bored and do it again. It works fine on a 8 chinese mp3 player but my several hundred quid top of the range Nokia can't do it....

Since Belle messaging is so so slow that I'm about had enough of this thing. Not to mention I get half the battery life of an iphone4 which was supposed to be bad and I can't fix bluetooth flattening the battery in 3hrs.



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