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Old 30-04-2007, 10:00 PM
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VOIP users that have gained access to the services you wanted, please contribute to this thread -


Old 08-05-2007, 10:24 PM
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I've changed my product code from Orange to Euro1 and updated 10 11.0.026, but the Internet Telephony icon mentioned in the Truphone video has not appeared....Does this mean VOIP still won't work?

Old 09-05-2007, 07:15 PM
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Answers to few of you who live in Wonderland

The problem is that phones are not and will never be subsidized. As well as calls and texts are not. On all of them there is fixed price. This fixed price is much lower than the one we are being given by the networks. Mainly because the networks need money not only to maintain the infrastructure, but also upgrading it, but most of all on top of it getting a massive profit. Whatever anybody says the phone(s) on it's own are cheap to make. So the price you see in stores or online for a selected model(s) are few hundred percents over the price of producing that unit. Even if, in this case Nokia, takes a share just to cover costs of making single unit (with all the software and hardware development included) the price of the handset is still not high. Then you see networks buying them cheaply and in massive scale. And this is where price manipulation starts. If Nokia put the price to the phones they sell to real level they would still be much cheaper. But here we're talking about connection "manufacturer-network operator". Because if the handset is cheap, anybody will buy it and the select best network, but in real world that means, network will be making losses. So therefore the price of handset that is unlocked is set to highest possible, and then the networks "subsidize" the cost of handsets depending on the price of the rival network. This means that the one offering cheapest handset and best plan gets more money. In other words much more than just to cover their costs.

VoIP is completely different. It was made for cost efficient (read: free) calls over internet, because landline (and mobile) networks were and still are charging too much money for the calls. Either these calls are made inside the same country or even worse, when they are made between countries. Nokia in this case just wanted a share of VoIP handset market, which isn't anything bad at all. The stupidity here is on the side of the networks who try or tried to turn off the VoIP option. First of all, calls over IP are cheaper, but you have to know when and where. If that is from your WI-FI enabled phone through the wireless router, then mobile networks don't make any money out of it, and they should not, because you are using something that manufacturer intended to use as a VoIP handset as well. If we're talking about VoIP through GPRS, UMTS, then for god sake people, haven't you seen the prices for using such services?! You're not profiting at all, because you are spending loads on data transfer!!. So the only reasonable conclusion to why they crippled VoIP is because they are not making profit. Which again is very stupid from Orange's side, because they do broadband deals as well.

Yet again, let's return to handset prices. A price for an unlocked N95 is between 500-600? Check the prices of laptops. For that amount you get a really decent WI-FI and BT enabled laptop, with a camera as well. It's surreal that a handset with limited capability costs that much!!!

So for all those people who still think that prices are as they should be, and that buying phone through network plans is showing you are weak and poor. Well what can I say...go and spend loads. For others who know whats happening around us and how we're being ripped off...we'll be fighting!!

Old 11-12-2007, 05:18 PM
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This has now spread to the N95-8G, N81 and N81-8G. When asked, the staff in both Vodafone and Orange high-street retail stores both confirmed that the Internet Telephony (VoIP) feature would be disabled on ALL new N-series devices, including the not-yet available N82, although both stores said that VoIP would not be disabled on the E51, like the other E-series devices before it.

It's worth remembering that if you get your Vodafone or Orange contract from a general reseller (eg Carphone Warehouse, Phones4U - or many of the online stores), you will most likely be provided with a NON internet-telephony-disabled, 'white label', feature-complete device.

Old 11-10-2008, 11:45 AM
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Thumbs down Voip being blocked on mobiles

I am outraged to find out that all the uk providers are either blocking or charging an extortionate rate to use your mobile phone for Voip services.
3 are actively blocking it
Orange are removing software and will block it if you use Voip
T-Mobile charge and extra 15GBP on top of there supposed unlimited internet access for nothing as they do nothing other than NOT block it. Paying for nothing!!
Virgin are blocking it.
Vodaphone are actively blocking it

This has got to be illegal surely.
I paid for the phone outright. I pay a company for the Voip service. I am willing to pay a mobile operator for internet access on my phone and a contract pay monthly so they still get paid. Yet they have the right to block me using the service.
We have very little rights any more. I may as well move to China.

Old 06-04-2009, 12:30 AM
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Angry VoIP services on n96 vodafone

Is there anyway I can use VoiP services on any vodafone N-series phone?


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