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"not charging" on phone when charging via USB

ive bought a special usb charger for the n95, usb on one side and the charger plug on the other. When I hook it up, it says "Charging" on screen and then after a few seconds it says "Not charging" and it really is not charging !

I have tried all different usb ports. could someone please advise why this is not working ?


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have you tried a different PC, might be that the USB ports on the PC you are using is not up to it. ie: lower then spec power on the USB port. I have had this happen before with certain laptops.


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Are you using the actual Nokia charger CA-100 or one by a third party?

Make sure you're using a powered USB socket. I.E not from a hub that doesn't have it's own power supply.

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Describe your plug in more detail please, IE

A> does the cable plug into the wall and then plug into your N95 via mini usb


B> does the cable plub into the N95 via the charging socket and then plug into an open USB port on your PC?

If you connect via option B above then the issue is that the computer recognizes a connection via the USB port and sends a 'zap' to it to see if the device responds, after that it looks to see if has been connected before and locates the drivers for the specific device. If you've never connected the N95 this way before then the computer is searching for device drivers and would no longer be powering the USB port until the device is installed. Make sure you are on an administrator account and that you are not restricted from hardware installations. If you are able to install devices, use the device manager to scan for hardware changes and install the device from there.

Your plug may need special software which keeps the PC powering the USB port to continue the charge to your N95. Check the manufacturing website of the maker of your cable if available.

Hope this helps.

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thanks a lot guys.

its a 3rd part usb cable but works fine through mains and car lighter so it seems to be an issue with the usb port.

i am using method B and that makes sense. I didnt get any cd's with the charger so am not sure "What" to install so that the power keeps going through. Its the following charger ...

Any help to keep power coming through would be greatly appreciated.

thanks !!

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"The power port for the n95 needs at least 800Mah from or near flat. Some manufacturers stick to the USB spec of 500Mah min and so this will not charge from flat. "

Maybe that is the case with your 3rd party adapter. It may only be putting out 500Mah to your phone which needs 800Mah to charge.

You're best to go with the CA100 from nokia. The nokia userguide for their product does state that if the battery is empty, it may take a few minutes for charging to begin, so try leaving it on for a couple minutes and see if charging starts.

Another forum I've read says that the person could not ever achieve a full charge through the USB charger that he had, although he never specified which charger brand he was using (most likely not the Nokia ca100).

"The Nokia charger that comes with the phone is rated 800mA as are all the units mentioned in the manual/handbook. Others can be lower (typicaly 500mA). This is the same value as the nominal current available from a USB output and this is why PC USB ports, in the main, won't charge a battery from dead! (this is also a good reason for keeping the battery topped up so that emergency charging from USB will be effective).
PC and laptop manufacturers use the minimum USB specs but some do provide higher currents that will charge from dead. Powered USB hubs can give the higher current required as well."

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Do we have any alternative to batteries apart from the original one? Maybe something with a higher capacity so that we don't have to end up charging every night.

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When you charge from a USB port as has been said the current is nominally 500Mah and this will (slowly) fully charge the phone, but, you will not get a full charge notification as the phone is still on and using power at the same time. I have had the battery full notification when I have changed from mains charger, when fully charged, to USB charging. But not always.
This is all normal and nothing to be concened about.
See my blog about charging and other things-

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