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9210 Movies

Not much seems to be going on in the 92XX world at the moment so I thought I would start a totaly meaningless thread.

In what movies have people seen Nokia communicators and more importantly did they hold the phone the right way round.

I will start you off with

The Saint - Right way round except the bad guy
Proof of Life - Wrong way round though out

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There's a movie with chris tucker and anthony hopkins. I can't remember the name, thus. It's a spy movie thing, and the bad guy use it to see if chris tucker is lying or not. They "insert" a gps inside the mobile to track his pas locations.

I was surprised when Chris tucker pretend to make a call with the communicator and use the wrong side of the machine to talk.


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8) i saw it in music video of dilemna :(

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As I posted on the front page last night it's in the musc vid to "Trust No One" by MyBalloon. And used the right way round.
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I have only seen my related friends using it the wrong way...
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It was used on Irish Popstars. They used the handsfree on it quite a bit as well (not that I watched it much or anything, honest ops: ).



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the movie: "the saint"
Nokia N80ie

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and it was the GEOS Nokia 9000 which I bought too. There was a scene where the bad russian politician tried to use it backwards....and "The Saint" told him off!
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I just saw an ad yesterday that's been running in movie theatres in Finland. I don't know if it's international though. It sells an energy drink B______ (don't want to advertise here)

Anyway there's this mechanical bird that walks into a deserted building. Everything is covered with dust and spider webs. On the floor there is a communicator, half open, like someone had tossed it away. Can't really tell but looks like 92x0 series. The bird ignores it, and goes to a record player trying to get some sound into it. Nothing comes out, naturally, the player is too rusty. Then the bird takes a sip from the can and WHOOAM music starts to play and everything is groovy. :crazyeyes:

The story doesn't tell what happens to the communicator :-?

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9110 movies

Bill Murrey and Sam Rockwell used a 9110 in the first
Charlies Angels movie. At the end when Sam Rockwell's
character is talking to Charlie on it, he is clearly seen holding
the phone the correct way!!

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I saw a foto that was published on an italian magazine where they were interviewing a famous italian dj...Gigi D'Agostino...and there was a foto of him with his 9210..i'll look for it and post it.


9210, movies

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