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MailXChange released for UIQ

BiTween have just released MailXChange for UIQ powered smartphones. MailXchange (MXC) is an advanced messaging application including support of wireless data synchronization with Microsoft Outlook Express and message rules.

Key features include:
  • E-mail, SMS and contacts management
    MailXchange is a full-featured messaging application. The user can receive and send e-mail with any or all phone e-mail accounts, as well as read and send SMS messages. MailXchange downloads mail according to each e-mail account’s settings defined in with the phone’s Control Panel. Messages can be sorted by their date, sender, subject, priority or presence of attachments. It facilitates locating messages the user needs. E-mail editor allows composing of e-mail messages with multiple attachments. Options to reply to and forward a received message are also available. With MailXchange, the user can add, edit and delete contacts.
  • Organizing data in user-defined folders
    With MailXchange, the user can organize messages and contacts in a hierarchy of folders. Items can be easily manipulated with Cut, Copy, Paste and Delete commands. It means better control and management of the data, and saves time necessary to locate a specific item.
  • Message rules
    Message rules in Microsoft Outlook Express style can be used to put incoming messages (e-mail and SMS) automatically into different folders, delete undesired messages, highlight certain messages in color, automatically reply to or forward certain messages, and mark them as read. These actions are taken depending on whether a message meets some criteria – whether it is from a certain person, its subject or body contains specific words, its size exceeds a certain limit, it has a certain priority or has attachments, or it was received from a certain mailbox. MailXchange maintains separate sets of rules for e-mail and SMS messages. Active rules are automatically applied to incoming messages, and rules can be applied to messages that have already been downloaded to the phone.
  • Wireless import of message rules from Microsoft Outlook Express
    Existing Microsoft Outlook Express message rules can be imported by MailXchange. It means that the user will not need to add rules twice both to Microsoft Outlook Express and to MailXchange. If one of your local rules has the same name as a certain rule being imported, MailXchange will offer you either to skip the conflicting rule, replace the existing rule with the one being imported, or save the conflicting rule with a different name. The user can import rules not only wirelessly, but also using a cradle/Bluetooth.
  • Wireless synchronization of messages, message folders, contacts and e-mail accounts with Microsoft Outlook Express.
    MailXchange supports wireless two-way fast synchronization of messages, message folders, contacts and e-mail accounts with Microsoft Outlook Express. For example, with MailXchange the user can modify a person’s e-mail address in Windows Address Book, synchronize contacts and have the corresponding contact in the mobile updated accordingly – wirelessly.
    Synchronization of messages and message folders allows the user to access the same messages and have them organized in the same way on both mobile and PC. Synchronization of contacts provides a way to have important contact information always up-to-date. Synchronization of e-mail accounts saves the user from a need to set up e-mail accounts both in the mobile and Microsoft Outlook Express – he/she just has to set them up once in Microsoft Outlook Express and synchronize them.
    Fast synchronization means that only changes the user has made since the last synchronization are exchanged via network which minimizes network traffic. The user can also synchronize data using a cradle/Bluetooth which is particularly useful if one wants to synchronize a large amount of data (e. g. when synchronizing data for the first time).
    Data deletions are not synchronized, so e. g. if the user deletes a message in the mobile, its counterpart in Microsoft Outlook Express will continue to exist. This prevents from accidental loss of important data.
    The most traffic-intensive kind of data synchronization is synchronization of messages. MailXchange offers several opportunities to minimize traffic and time needed in that case. First, the user has an option to synchronize messages only from a certain folder. Second, the user can restrict the number of most recent messages that are synchronized in each folder (for example, the user can choose to synchronize only 20 most recent messages in each folder). Third, only message headers are taken from Microsoft Outlook Express during synchronization by default, and the user can separately download bodies of the messages he/she needs, thus minimizing traffic. Fourth, the user can have MailXchange take messages with bodies right away if network traffic is not an issue (e. g. when synchronizing via a cradle/Bluetooth).
  • Message search
    The user can search for messages that satisfy some criteria. Messages can be searched by From/To address, specific words in subject or body, date when they were received, or presence of attachments.
  • User data are always transferred encrypted via network
    Messages, message folders, contacts and e-mail accounts that are being synchronized and e-mail rules that are being imported are always transferred via network in an encrypted format to secure privacy.
  • Fault tolerance
    If a failure (e. g. a PC crash, a network failure etc) occurs during synchronization of your messages, message folders, contacts or e-mail accounts, both MailXchange and Microsoft Outlook Express data are kept in the state in which they were before the synchronization started. It means that your data will not be corrupted in case of failure.
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