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How to violate your service agreement...

I called up AT&T to renegotiate my data plan and ensure that data wasn't at a premium while roaming in the US.

While I was at it I printed out a copy of the AT&T data services agreement and went through it line-by-line.

Believe it or not, I suspect that the main reason that AT&T didn't want to carry the N97 is that it is SOOOOOOOO capable of violating just about every term of service on the dataplan.

For example...while on their EDGE or 3G network you are not allowed to:

1. Peer-to-peer file transfers (LOUD BUZZER sound effect after each!)
2. Streaming video
3. Web hosting
4. Web camera hosts or broadcasts
5. Automatic data feeds
6. "auto-responders" or similar automated or manual routines which generate excessive amounts of net traffic (Facebook?)
7. Software or other devices that maintain continuous active Internet connections when a computer's connection would otherwise be idle or any "keep alive" functions, unless they adhere to AT&T's data retry requirements, which may be changed from time to time.
8. Tethering (unless you pay for a tethering plan).

I think that there's no way they could fully lock down the N97 to prevent these functions and still call it an N97.

Of course, it is perfectly legit to do these things if you are connected to WiFi.

Maybe someone could generate a "gatekeeper" app for the N97 which would check to see which connection was in use and prevent you from making a mistake.

I wonder then, if they know you have an N97 whether they may be monitoring you more closely.....hmmmmm.

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Apparently it is the iPhones' fault

Funny isn't it how you're are sold a device and then not allowed to use it. Like having a Ferrari and being told you can only use it on a goat track between your house and the shed.

I have been reading articles online about AT&T having their network brought to a standstill due to the amount of iphones sucking down data, apparently their owners use more data than any other phone users or class of user.

It is certainly bad for everyone else, iphone users have paid for a service and expect to be able to use it, I agree with this and the good side of it all is AT&T will have to increase their capacity to cope with demand and this will benefit everyone else too.

The bad side is their service will suck until they do fix it and the conditions your contract is subject to will continue to be draconian, apparently peak hour San Francisco you are lucky to get a signal as the AT&T service is overloaded. If you think it is bad now just wait until AT&T enables tethering and MMS for the iphone.

This could always be a good bargaining point, "I will not use as much data as the average iPhone user" then go nuts


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