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P1i Camera always in Initializing mode


My Sony P1i's camera doesn't work.
It always stays in Initializing mode & it stays there forever.
I can do other functions all right except the camera.

Tried reinstalling the firmware, Tired master reset, still its there.

If anyone can guess what the problem is, I would really appreciate.


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Note: Im not Anti Sony Ericson guy, I love few features of the phone like its Music. But for me, Phone should have many features stable than just Music.
So those who wants to buy P1i, Kindly read it so that you guys dont make the same Mistake I did.

For those who wants to buy a Sony P1i,

I had no clue when I bought this phone. My honest advice to you guys, you may be asking you friends (P1i_users) how the P1i is.. and many will say "its a cool one Dude".. Honestly don't believe them... “they are either lucky that their phone didn’t show any problem or they are just telling non-sense".

I was using E61, at some point I thought of changing it.. & I chose P1i (can you believe it?), I had checked with few of my friends (p1i_users) before buying it. . As I said earlier, never ask anyone about it. Its a Sony Ericsson & you are taking a chance! so it can be OK or it can be as bad as my phone is.. It CANNOT be good.

I went to their service station as well. Like phone, its a Mess!
1. They are clueless about this problem.
2. They are thinking it could be a hardware or software problem (that’s kind of funny, Common what else it can be).
3. They think its going to take 2 weeks or more to repair it.

All right, that’s all about service part, lets leave that....

Coming back to phone.... (How different I feel P1i from Nokia).

10 reasons why you shouldn't be buying a P1i..

1. P1i has very less sound compared to Nokia models. I checked why? Its an environmental friendly phone.. That’s cool for those who live in clam and quite place. Its not a good one for Asia, especially for India.. Common stand outside, and you hear nothing..!!!

2. The phone restarts in the middle of a call (that's very rare).. But not recommended for sales people or those who want to attend conference call from the phone.

(I said it rarely restarts during the middle of conversation, but it restarts at least 3-4 times per month for sure).

3. Camera (always in Initializing mode) , I agree its not for everyone, but for few like me...

4. Battery life is not great

5. Of course their service centers (I've not faced any problems with my Nokia, so I don't know how their support is..but do know for sure, Sony's is bad).

6. the Scroller (the whell on the left side of the phone), In my 8 months use, I've replaced it twice. 10$/wheel (india price). when i scroll it down, it goes up.. sometimes it goes up and down... I've seen this happening with few other guys as well.. when ever i talk with people, first thing they talk to me is..... "Oh you are using P1i, well... do you have the problem with the wheel on the left" ?

7. Bluetooth (head set) & Wifi eats the battery 2 times faster than Nokia E61.

8. The options in camera mode... Its terrible..

9. Sync with outlook & other backup restore tool, it works 70% of the time.

10. & you get all these junk in 1 phone that cost you 350-400$. thats just amazing

overall P1i is NOT an amazing phone for that price!

Many of my friends are still asking me, Hey Dude, are you selling this phone? I always say, I love you dude, I want you to be my friend, so let me NOT sell this to you

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