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How I get geotagging to work

This is how I geotag photos:

I take the picture, slide the lock, and then put the phone back in my pocket. I do not exit the camera app or close the lens cover.

When the camera app goes into standby I believe it continues to look for a gps lock to tag the photo. However, after the gps location has been acquired and the photo has been tagged the camera app will try to hold the gps lock thus draining battery. I came to the conclusion that the gps lock still runs when the camera is in standy because when I take the camera out of standby to take another picture the gps position is immediately known (pushpin icon not crossed out).

I used this system at Legoland at the weekend. 58 of the 60 photos that I took were tagged. The battery died (after 10.5 hours use) as I took my final 'goobye Legoland' photo...perfect timing

That's my theory anyway

Thank goodness for Opera!

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Originally Posted by riverboat View Post
Well i've tried all sorts of things and settings, and no matter what i do, i can't get it to geotag photos.
The annoying thing is the gps signal/sign comes up in the top right hand corner of the phone, it just doesn't attach the tag!
Don't assume that because the Satellite Icon is showing at the top of the screen, that you have a GPS lock - I think it only means that the GPS receiver is turned on.
I suspect the geotagging routine in the camera app only waits so long for a GPs lock then gives up.

What I would suggest as a test of my theory, is take a photo with Geotagging turned on, then launch MAPS and wait for a GPS lock - time how long it took to achieve the lock.
With MAPS still loaded, take a 2nd photo and see if it gets geotagging data appended, since MAPS already has a full GPS lock.
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