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Trying to view i8910-encoded 1280x720 HD content on a ‘Full HD’ Samsung LCD

Trying to view i8910 encoded 1280x720 HD recorded content on a ‘Full HD’ Samsung LCD TV (A656 series)

*sigh* my journey continues – this is proving difficult.
In one of my other threads in this forum, I discussed how I was unable to DLNA serve any .mp4v-es (that is 320x240, or 640x480, 720x480(D1), 1280x720; with AMR 8kHz (yes, 8 kHz I believe, truly medieval) file through router to my PS3 via the DLNA wireless standard. So…

Aim: – Can I ever see the Omnia i8910’s camera’s recorded 1280x720 .mp4v-es (AMR audio) 7.5 mbps stream on my Samsung A656 series LCD TV bought last year?

Result: Here is my journey during the last three hours…
1. I build a home theatre PC from scratch (I am a professional who uses IT/networks, my selfbuild record is 75 mins), Intel quad-core with a X4500 chipset and HDMI, (2gb/1TB). Now, freshly install XP (already slipstreamed (nLite) with SP3 plus updates+Firefox etc.), +update this month’s security updates, add antivirus, go online via a 802.11g router.
2. Record 4 test movies outside in the street on the i8910 (5secs each) at each of the 4 resolutions the i8910 supports = plenty of sounds and moving content.
3. Configure PC’s display to 1920x1080, also 1360x768 works. Play a Blu-ray. All fine. Everything works.
4. Download the latest Samsung PC studio – first interesting thing to note: on the Samsung UK support site and filename it is version, but on installation it installs as in the dialogues, mmm… that is slack (?), and watch as i8910 driver software installs ok.
5. Connect i8910 via micro-USB to full USB cable. I8910 connects and is seen by Samsung PC studio.
6. To be ‘safe’ I copy over the 4 i8910 .mp4 files onto the desktop.
7. I double click the 320x240 file; it is associated already under its .mp4 tag to Samsung PC Studio. Yay! It works – Audio and Video, but what’s this? Samsung’s PC Studio’s multimedia viewer program does not auto-size the image to 4:3 and it plays back in a very odd manner, not even widescreen, but squashed vertically. Look into the program’s options, fix this – but it doesn’t remember it! BORING. *bug*
8. So – everytime you open a new .mp4 in the Samsung Studio program’s multimedia viewer, you must resize it to 100%. Irritating.
9. 640x480, plays fine; 720x480, plays fine – now, here it comes… oh! The SOUND is so AWFUL – it really is bad. Now I have it up on the LCD TV itself this is incredibly poor. What went wrong here, Samsung? It is 8 kHz let’s face it, do you remember that? My first music sampler in 1987 (1987!) ran at 8 kHz in its WORST setting, it even did 4 secs at 44.1 kHz mono back then. There is not even proper lip sync. The movie also stutters a little bit.

I am shocked.

10. I try the 1280x720 HD ready .mp4 file, as popularised by Samsung and, arguably, the handset’s strongest marketing feature (Samsung’s own commercial, see elsewhere + a major feature how this handset differentiates itself from the current mobile phone market) -

Yes, you guessed it, it doesn’t even play with Samsung’s own PC studio software installed. Nothing, just a great big crash of the software and the ‘send report’ to M$ appears. Amazing. I am shocked for the second time.

OK. Install Nero 7 that came with the Blu-ray. Showtime 3. The 1280x720 file… here we go… no picture! But the bad audio exists! Well, at least I heard something. (ok, I know, other newer versions of Nero exist, but I can’t risk buying more software for this test)

Next up, download and install the latest VLC 0.9.x.
Yay! I see a picture!!! But… NO sound (which is probably a good thing as 8kHz AMR sounds awful.

VLC reports:
Audio – decoded blocks – 0
No suitable decoder module:
VLC does not support the audio or video format “samr”. Unfortunately there is no way for you to fix this.

Video – decode blocks 184 / Displayed frames 180, lost frames – 0.

10,794 kb Read, input bitrate 6,719 kb/s; demuxed 10,275 kb/s; stream rate (in this case) was 7,872 kbps.
This was ~ a 8 second clip.

Shocked again… – the picture quality was also poor – stuttering slightly every ~ 0.25 sec throughout the 8 sec.
It certainly does not look smooth as the advertised 24 fps.

As an End-user this is proving a nightmare to get the 1280x720 working, not even with Samsung’s own PC Studio software. I WILL beat it & let you know how I get on.
Sure, I can spend the next few evenings honing my conversion skills, but I really shouldn’t have to.
I give up for today, and look into how to convert .mp4-amr to .mp4-aac, but please, if anyone out there can point me to a posting which gives me a howto, then I will stop these posts!

Let me be frank. I am fortunate enough to own and be able to record HD video using Canon technology, etc., but if Samsung promises me HD recording and I am in the market for a new ‘premium’ mobile phone, I do not expect Canon results, but at least I expect it to work ‘easily’ and, in addition, not use a sound codec that was popular in the early 1980s.
But thanks again to Samsung, it is a great premium product in other respects, but let’s add that ‘icing to the cake’! (the cake being an outlay of anywhere between 450-900 GBP depending on contract or otherwise)


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