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I like it a lot =D

When I got rid of my T68i, I missed the detailed voice dials (home,work,mobile,other) and commands. ops:

Now it's available for the N7650 as well

I had this program for 5 mins on my phone then I purchased it. Now I even hardly touch my N7650

I especially like all the commands like "active camera" :P

NeuVoice Dialler for the Nokia 7650 brings voice dialling and command & control to this next generation smartphone. Dial your favorite contacts or change your ring profiles all with the power of your voice.

Key Features

Voice dialling: advanced hands free dialling for your key contacts, allowing the user to say which number they want to dial (home, mobile or work).

Quick message actions: open message editors (SMS, MMS, email) with the contact information already complete.

Command & Control: use your voice to change ring profiles, start infrared & bluetooth services and launch the camera.

Audible feedback: audible prompts & confirmation to allow eyes free dialling

Minimal training: one-shot training of voice commands.

Minimal use of resources: battery, memory and processor (estimated footprint for application 300Kb with 50 voice tags).
Noise robustness: enabling use in everyday environments & situations (a busy office, at a train station, on the move in a taxi, car or train).

Voice Dialling & Quick Message Actions

The NeuVoice application works with the phone's contacts database enabling you to associate a voice tag with an individual contact. Simply say the person's name and the action you want performed and the voice recognition does the rest. Your available actions for each contact are to dial them at home, work or on their mobile or to create a new SMS, MMS or E-mail message using the details you hold for them. For example you say "Stephen", the application recognised your contact and asks you for a command, you say "Text" and the application launches the SMS editor with the contacts mobile number completed. The table below lists the available commands:

- Home Dial contact's home telephone number
- Mobile Dial contact's mobile telephone number
- Work Dial contact's work telephone number
- E-mail Create new e-mail message with contact's e-mail address in To: field
- SMS Create new SMS message using contact's mobile number in To: field
- Multimedia Create new multimedia message using the contact's mobile number in To: field

The NeuVoice Dialler also has a fast-action feature, should you decide that you always want to perform a designated voice-action for each contact then turn this feature on. Say the person's name and the action starts straight away.

Audible confirmation is provided at each stage so you can confirm you are making the right decision.

Voice Commands

The NeuVoice Dialler also allows you to perform some simple but useful operations on the device using your voice. Want to change your current ring profile, press a button and say the name of the new profile, e.g. "Silent". Want to turn on the infrared but can't remember where the option is on the phone, say "Infrared" to start the IR receiver. The list of available commands is listed below:

- Picture Start the camera application, ready to take a picture
- Record Open the voice recorder application
- Today Open the calendar application showing your appointments for today
- New Note Start the Notes application ready to create a new note
- General Profile Select the General ring profile
- Silent Profile Select the Silent ring profile
- Meeting Profile Select the Meeting ring profile
- Infrared Start the infrared receiver
- Bluetooth Open the bluetooth settings page
- Inbox Open your default messaging Inbox



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