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Old 29-08-2008, 12:24 PM
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Just to add on the lines of the Ford Focus example given - it is fine if Nokia launches a n81i or a n81lite or n81vx or something like that and offers it as variants of the n81 (like you primarily have the Ford Focus and you have variants in 2 door, engine, etc). But the moment the model number changes, the design has to change. Again, the design change need not be drastic, but it has to be distinctively different.

Old 29-08-2008, 12:53 PM
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Ewan is spot on - I've been also frustrated by all the moaning about the N85 being the "N81 again" or "N81 is the template to all N Series now". N81 is not a template for anything. It just HAPPENED to be the first phone to come out with that design _language_ (I think what the hipster designers call it ). The design language of several models was in all likelihood decided at least 2 years ago (sure, details have changed).

And Malerocks, I am sorry but you are wrong. The N78, N81, N85, N96 design is not the same - its just similar to create an N-Series design series (btw, N79 is distinctly different already). Look at the current (or almost any historic) lineup of almost any car manufacturer: you can immediately tell "Ahh.. that's an Audi" or "that's WV" - A4 looks a lot like A6 or Jetta looks similar to the Passat.

And, as Ewan pointed out, its very common in electorics too. Look at camera line ups for example.

Old 29-08-2008, 12:58 PM
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Originally Posted by bartmanekul View Post
His point was that the masses will just see the spec - 8mp must be better than 5.

And camera mp has always been a big draw for phones, regardless of the resulting quality.
Indeed to some extent that is true, but taken into account that the internet and other magazines have been constantly criticizing the Digital Cameras for the Megapixel race, I believe that most people would know about this issue already and therefore not just run and buy the phone with the most mpx on it.

That being said I do look at it myself, but I compare it again in terms of other specs.
Is it a smartphone? What other uses can I get from the phone?
(I usually almost use all my phones functions throughout a day, that being taking a picture, reading documents, listening to podcast / music, watch media clips and the list grows on. Then again I regard myself as a power user.)

Originally Posted by malerocks View Post
There will never be a n84. Just as the n7x series is now complete with the announcement of the n79 and it is still missing a n74.

Nokia considers 4 as unlucky. Hence it never launches anything with 4 in it. Think about it - even in the number series phones there are phones right from 1xxx to 9xxx, except no phones exist with the 4xxx series.

Also worth noting is that the current symbian version released by nokia is 9.3 and the next is going to be 9.5. There will be no 9.4.
That was some nice observations, but I thought that Nokia was Finnish?
The number 4 which is considered to be unlucky is because of the pronunciation is similar to the word for death. (In fact both in Cantonese and Mandarin)
So as you can see this have arrived from Asian beliefs.

A bit strange really, but fun.

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Old 29-08-2008, 01:07 PM
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Interesting thought in this article.
Much of it which is also quite true.

To have an unified "language" is indeed what have been around for a long time.

Nokia have given N-series a similar design, while SE have been keeping the similar design throughout their W and K-series of phones which makes it both harder to distinct as well as not providing much new.

So fortunately Nokia haven't yet fallen into the traps that SE have been doing with their phones.

As long as they provide a new design for their other phone series that is fine by me.

Old 29-08-2008, 02:57 PM
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Wampyre, the don't use it _because of the Asian beliefs_, not because Finns have started believing in it. We Finns all know (like most of "west") that 13 is the real evil and unlucky number..

Old 29-08-2008, 04:18 PM
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Originally Posted by malerocks View Post
Also worth noting is that the current symbian version released by nokia is 9.3 and the next is going to be 9.5. There will be no 9.4.
Actually, there is.

I read some interview some a while ago with some Symbian guy, and they just didn't announce it with a large bang cause it's such a minor update compared to 9.3.

Old 29-08-2008, 04:56 PM
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Nokia's design with these models is ultimately boring. Furthermore nothing new under the hood.

I have few N8x and N9x series phones at my desk and hands, GPS feature is added after N80. That is all.

Old 30-08-2008, 08:18 AM
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I have a N81 8gb and i'm planning to buy a N85. It really doesn't matter that they look same. As long as I remember, all motorolla phones looks exactly like each other. The same is for sonyericsson.

Old 30-08-2008, 01:43 PM
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I agree, the consistent design language of the N series range is a good thing. I think it's worth pointing out that it looks like the N series design concept has been around longer than the N81. The two key features of the design are the gloss black front and all 4 sides being wrapped in silver. This silver edge first appeared in the menu icons on S60 3rd edition. Each icon had a consistent silver edge to it. This allowed each icon to be a completely different shape and colour but look consistent with the others. Obviously the direct comparison falls down with the n series having black fronts, but coloured back xpress-on covers of the N79 seem to show this idea again. I think the gloss black fronts are a way to reduce the components of the design (screen edges, printed buttons 3G camera), simplifying the phone as a recognisable object, like the iphone. The asymmetrical mulitmedia button is key, no other phone has this layout, and many if not all n series devices have asymmetrical labeling model labeling going all the way back to the N75. Glancing at the phone on a table you see the gloss black with the silver d-pad and multimedia key, hopefully recognising it as an n-series like you would with the large audi grill, or split bmw grill.


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