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Tomeraider 2.09 on 9300

I finally registered Tomeraider 2.09 (for Symbian 80) and downloaded a number of good ebooks including Wikipedia.

The problem is that many of these contain hyperlinks, but there doesn't seem to be a way to use the hyperlinks on the 9300 since the joybutton is interpretted as cursor arrows.

Has anyone figured out how to use the hyperlinks in this application?

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Unfortunately, TomeRaider 2.09 on the S80 platform is a step backwards from what was available on the Psion 5mx. On my Psion 5mx I had TomeRaider at full screen and the use of hyperlinks. Neither of these are available on TomeRaider for S80.

I had prepared a lot of TomeRaider files with hyperlinks for use on my Psion 5mx, but these were all just dumb files on my 9500.

Over 2 years ago TomeRaider had indicated that they would improve TR 2.09, but nothing has come and I would think that it is unlikely now.

I now use MobiReader in lieu of TomeRaider for reading my large files on my 9500. I have successfully used 2mb files with loads of hyperlinks.

However, MobiREader is not as fast for searching and the search interface is a bit clumsy. I have also produced a FileNote macro for use with MobiReader which is on the Yahoo Groups FileNote website.

Best wishes,
Martin O'Neill

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Thanks for the feedback. I had sat down and systematically pushed all combinations of Ctrl/Shft/Chr with the keyboard and joybutton trying to find out if there were any shortcuts like in other programs--all to no avail.

I have written to the people at Yadabyte about it, but have received no response. I'm especially upset that they will not bundle discount the PC version so that I can down-convert .tr3 files to .tr2 since there are quite a bit more of these in their library. It seems ludicrous to have to pay US$38 each for both the 9300 reader and the PC version.

I, too, like Mobireader. The smooth scroll is the *BEST* way to use an eBook Reader. It save you from wearing your keyboard out. I also like the free PC Creator tool--I have downloaded book from the Gutenberg project and converted them for reading on the 9300. Even the graphic insets come through!

Tomeraider is still of value to me as it is about the only application which can handle the entire Wikipedia (albeit 2004 version without graphics) and still fit on less than half of my 1GB MMC card.

I also have the WordNet dictionary on Tomeraider, but it seems to "choke" on the spelling lookups after more than two or three letters becoming awfully slow.

Instead...I've found that AED (Advanced English Dictionary which also uses the WordNet dictionary as its base) by JDictionary-Mobile is a FAST-loading and fast-lookup dictionary. It also provides relational lookups (hypernyms, hyponyms, homonyms, antonyms, etc.) but you have to enable the "virtual cursor" to get to them as they use a small-target combo box button. This is one of the best J2ME applications that I've found for the 9300.

BTW...I chose this dictionary after evaluating 11 others.


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