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Reviewing X-Series after 6 months

Kudos to Alex at SMS Text news for a fabulously comprehensive and insightful review of six months of 3 UK's much vaunted X-Series service. Combining a generous data package with a S60 3rd Edition smartphone, X-Series gets the thumbs up from Alex, with a few small caveats.

Read on in the full article.

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I got me interested in 3 again after hearing about X series despite my by being seriously put off them some time back for less than stellar practices.

They introduced a £25 admin fee each time I want to make changes to my contract even though there was no such fee in the terms and condition when I signed up. So in effect I ended up paying more than I would have expected because I could not easily switch to the cheaper tariff I intended as permitted under the original terms we agreed without forking out another £50(actually £100 since I had 2 contracts with them and needed to step down 2 tariff levels). It could easily have been alot more (you can only switch down 1 tariff level at a time and pay £25 each time).

Apparenly it came under the "we can change our terms whenever we like" clause in the contract. And I notice that that is still in there... Most providers don't try it on though unlike 3.

Actually, writing this down has reminded me how annoyed I am with them. Watch out for them pulling more stunts like that...

Getting to the point, I don't think it allows you to use your phone as a modem with your PC. So you can't do real surfing when you have your laptop and are away from home. Can someone confirm this ?


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Whats any of the above got to do with X-series, you wanted to change your monthly tariff to a lower one thus changing your contract so the contract you took out doesnt apply thus they can charge an admin fee if they wish which doesnt have to be in your contract because they are letting you break it which they dont have to. Im not defending them on this but they are well within their rights to do it.

Now about x-series, iv been using it since it first started and its the best thing that 3 have done since they started out, I mainly use it just got the data and the skype to skpe calls which I use quite a lot. It can be used with a laptop for internet on the go even though they state that it cant be, I suppose that one day they may start charging extra for people that do this and not allowing it to be part of the 1gig fair use policy

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Yes, the first part is essentially just a winge. But it is also a heads up for anyone considering signing up with 3 to know some of the subtleties of the terms they have that are a little different from the norm. Particularly the only downgrade 1 step at a time thing.

The original contract said I could change to a lower tariff after some months but could only step down one level at a time but that there was no no charge for this. They then introduced a charge for every single time I changed tariff (which they could conveniantly skip if changing up) and told me they have the right to do this as a change the terms of the contract as agreed in the contract. Not nice omho.

Asked to cancel the moment I was legally allowed to and told them how I felt and they admitted they had been given a great deal of stick and a lot of upset customers over this and had since reversed the policy of charging a fee. Took it at face value...

Back to the original issue. "You can use it as a modem with a laptop".

I'm actually in the same boat with T-Mobile. But they clearly state it is not permitted to use as a modem but works ok. I typically only use 200-300Mb a month total so don't feel bad about it

To clarify, do 3 already explicitly exclude it but you get away with it (like t-mobile), or is it simply not listed as one of the ways you can use it (grey area).

That then leads to the next question I guess, can the phone companies actually tell what you are using it for (from laptop or phone)?


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Three anready state that x-series cant be used as a modem, its in this paragraph from the x-series terms and conditions

Fair Use Policy - X-Series
To make the most of the X-Series from 3, we encourage you to use the services as much as you like. To help us meet our commitment to you and other customers, we also ask that you use the services fairly. Our take on fair use limits is set out below.

Please remember that the X-Series services are for your personal use only and do not include using your mobile as a modem with your PC or laptop.

I would imagine as long as you dont use your phone as a modem often theyll let you get away with it and its just there as a safe guard incase anyone uses it excessively.

Yes it is possible to know that your using a pc or laptop, I dont know the technical details of how this is done but an easy example would be how a web website detects what kind of web browser your using, they can also detect things like this as well as other info about the type of device that is accessing the internet via their network.

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Ok, Thanks for the feedback.

Contract renewal time is approaching, so need to make some decisions on best route to tkae soon...


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T-mobile comparison

Web-n-walk plus (15) allows use as modem. I have a colleague who got e61 for 9.95, cheapest voice tariff and web-n-walk plus - total 27.50 per month on 18 month tariff. He is connected via e61 all day with his laptop. (5G datacap per month). This seems fantastic value especially as he can leave his laptop behind when necessary & surf away with excellent web browser on e61.

Bill F


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