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Route 66 MOBILE 7 now available for 3rd Edition

Route 66 have announced the availability of its Mobile 7 satellite navigation package for all S60 3rd Edition smartphones, in both software-only and full kit form (miniSD or MMC Mobile). A review is in progress, but in the meantime, the full press release follows...

Read on in the full article.

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I have just got Route 66 to run on my N80, along with a Nokia Bluetooth GPS unit (LD-3W). To me, screen updates are painfully slow - turn a corner and it takes ages for the screen to update. I don't know if this is a bug or not, or whether it's the N80's firmware that's causing problems.

The voice prompts seem to be fine though, even though they prompt you to take a turning too far, in my opinion, before the actual turning.

I had gotten used to TomTom Mobile 4 running on S60 release 2 and Route 66 seems very alien to me.

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Wayfinder offers a solution for the platform too

ROUTE 66 is the first company to offer a navigation solution for this platform.
This statement is not true. Wayfinder has been offering a solution for a while:

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Unusable with my e61

incredibly slow, lost gps signal every second (REALLY every second!) i have the Europe version (149€....)

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L0cutus, did you buy it with the GPS unit? I'm using it with the Nokia LD-3W and find it very slow too, so I might give Wayfinder a try. If that's no good on the N80, I might have to go and get a WinMo PDA and TomTom 5!

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I have the same problem. Route 66 disconnects after several minutes, and this all the time. I cannot use it for longer than 5 minutes.

But when it works, it's quite quick (for only a short time)

GPS Royalteck from Route 66

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I'm getting pretty much the same picture here. I tried to contact Route 66 by phone but each time got disconnected after a few minutes; just a coincidence I hope. I've now e-mailed them (appended below); no reply so far.

----- Original Message -----
To: <>
Sent: Tuesday, July 11, 2006 2:00 PM
Subject: support for nld


I tried to contact you by phone today but each time got disconnected after
waiting several minutes. (Except for your lunch break when I got through to
your answering system without delay only to hear this was your lunch break.)

Full ROUTE 66 product name (include type, country, year): mobile 7, build
7.3.468; tested this with Benelux and Athens maps.

Operating system: symbian S60 3rd edition Nokia E70

Your problem:

Route 66 loses contact with bluetooth GPS receiver every other second or so,
hence does not navigate at all. The same GPS receiver works OK with TomTom
on my Nokia 6630. It also works ok with E70 built-in navigator. It complies
with all requirements given on your web site.

Feel free to respond at your earliest convenience, in Dutch or English.
Please note I need this software to work by Thursday 13 July.

You can contact me in NL at xxxxxxxx.

Thanks in advance.

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Reply from Route 66:

Remove pairing from Connect menu and let Route 66 find the GPS receiver (appended below).

Well, I knew that was not the solution - it's actually the first thing I tried (when faced with the problem I did try and let the OS do the pairing - made no difference).

In the meantime I had noticed what looked like an anomaly: the built-in navigator software seemed to have simultaneous access to the GPS receiver during a connection between Route 66 and the receiver. So I did this:

Instrum. -> Positiebep. -> uncheck Bluetooth GPS

Tools -> Position. -> uncheck Bluetooth GPS

And yes, there it was, not a bug but a feature: unbeknownst to the customer trying out the built-in solution, from that point the phone OS seizes the port in the background as soon as it discerns the Bluethooth receiver. It looks like an attempt to share the receiver system-wide, not a bad notion in itself. Perhaps someone more in the know re the Symbian OS could shine some light on the ins and outs but I think this is the solution for most if not all intermittent Route 66 connection failures on Nokia's S60 3rd ed. OS.
Update: mysteriously, the connect/disconnect problem resurfaced when I removed the HotspotFinder trial from my E70. Reinstalling HotspotFinder then once again solved the problem. (,2...er_S603rd.sis)
Hope this helps.
> Geachte Klant,
> Heeft u de gps gepaard in het nokia "connect" menu, verwijder deze dan.
> Start Mobile 7 op en laat deze de gps ontvanger zoeken.
> Met vriendelijke groet,
> Rob, VEEN
> ROUTE 66 Customer Support

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I have an N80, and Route 66 run fine, as long as i try not to use it for navigation, when i do, it drops out at random time and when i restart 66, and try to navigate to a favorite again it crashes after saying 'Your', emailed Route 66 and they told me to reset you phone...

which did not fix problem, so waiting for another response...

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I am experiencing the same drop-out every second or so on the GPS receiver on my N80. Got this reply from support. N80 users beware!!!

From: ROUTE 66 Customer Support []
Sent: 18 July 2006 12:50
To: *************
Subject: RE: help please.

Dear Csutomer,

It seems that this has nothing to do with Mobile 7. Our product Mobile 7 is compatible with Symbian series 60 interface 3.0 !!! like the N80. ( It runs on other types of phones with series 60 interface 3.0. The N80 however seems to have problems with buetooth and memory due to the firmware of the phone. Altough we will investigate this.

With kind regards,

ROUTE 66 Customer Support

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Exclamation help route 66 + n80 not working

Hi all can anybody shed some light on the ishue with the n80 and route 66 gps prblem phone loses signal than

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The problem has been solved by Nokia. Only the recent firmware is compatible with Route 66 Mobile 7 or other GPS software.
The most recent version of firmware is V 4.0623.0.41 26-07-2006
My N80 with Route 66 works fine now with this software.

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This is exactly the same with the Nokia N93!!!!!

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I'm having the same problems on my N73. As I see it, these latest Nokias shouldn't be on the compatable list until these probs are sorted

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Web Link

Im Trying Some different things here.

The issue might not be Route 66 as such but the GPS device disconnecting from the phone (bluetooth).

I am about to try TomTom Navigator 6 on a N80 and N95. And also Route66 on N80 and N95.

I will post up my results when i find out how it all goes.



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