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Contacts not displayed


I hope someone here can help me.

I have an orange N95. When one of my contacts rings me their name isn't displayed, It just says 'call'.

I have seen similar threads and have followed the advice but nothing mentioned will resolve this problem.

I have imported my contacts from my old n70 via pc suite and removed duplicates as previous threads suggest.

I have completely cleared my contacts list and sim directory and created one new contact, 'house'. When I phone the mobile from the landline (house) I get the same 'call' message displayed.

I have tried a firmware update but I assume I am on the latest version as I can't perform an update.

I have restarted the phone.

I have run out of ideas!

This is really frustrating as it took over a month to get my old number ported over to orange from vodafone and now I can't use the new phone!!!

Any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated


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After all that, only one suggestion: call the network provider, and see if is some problem with the network!
If is not the case, change that buggy phone

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Hi Jim,
See my similar thread, I had exactly the same problem on an Orange mobile and was stressed out. This is basic phone stuff that should never give a problem.

I get the impression it is common, but no-one knows how to fix it, or just won't tell me

Here is what I did:
You cannot get an update with the Orange product code, so you need to download Nemesis Service Suite to change it, (its very easy, loads of threads on this), but your Orange branding will be gone.

After I did this the numbers are now appearing on my phone , though I cannot see the persons name from the contacts I have imported from Outlook.

Hope that is some small help, please, please let us know how it progresses.

All the best

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if you type in the number and press call, does the number then change to the contact's name? You can try this by typing in the last 7 digits of the number as that's all the contact name - number recognition goes on.

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Very good point.
Only the number shows, so I gues that would suggest it is how it looks at the contact database.

I deleted a contact completely then created it as a new contact using the phone, entering only the name and mobile number. Sadly still only shows the number when dialling out/receiving.

I'd sort of hoped it may have been the Outlook database.

Every question or idea moves this on though thanks, Nelson

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I had exactly the same problem on my Orange N95 - friends would call and only their number would be displayed. I did two things which, maybe by chance, cleared the problem. Firstly I copied all my contacts to SIM directory and secondly ensured there were no dupicate entries in my contact list - this sometimes happened to me when synching to Outlook.

There was certainly no need for a hard reset or to update the firmware. Hope it works for you too.

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Thumbs up N95 ID Now Working fine, thanks Jorge

Jorge you are a star you sorted the problem which really is not a problem at all.
I am as write Copying my contacts straight to the 'Sim Directory' and sure enough Name ID is now working, though why you should have to do this for each contact is beyond me, but hey, it works & thats good enough for me & the many other N95 owners.

Strange though, I previously had N6680, N7610 & N3650 & never had to do this, how weird is that.

Cheers Jorge. :icon:

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Thanks from me too jorge. My problem needed 400+ contacts checked for duplicates as many shared exchange numbers, copying to the sim only partly solved it but put me in the right direction. once the duplicates are gone its OK.

Sadly most of my numbers sync through Outlook from central company database so all the dupes will be back soon.

I contacted our telecoms people and out of 900 UK company mobiles, only the N95 has this problem, all the rest are WM5 or WM6 based and have no problems, so they will not change anything just for a few phones.

Thats one in the eye for Symbian, this just stopped the purchase of 300 of these dead in its tracks in favour of M3100's


contacts, displayed

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