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Buy P990i or stay with Motorola A780 (Linux) ?

Hi everybody.

I have a big question.
I have Motorola A780 based on linux, and it;s really great device, but it's very difficult to do anything with this phone. It's even hard to install software.
I'm interested in P990i, and only in P990i, I wan't buy any other phone.
But my question is, should I buy P990i - I've heard it has a lot of bugs ?
Or should I stay with my A780 ?

Anyone has an idea ?


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I don't know the A780 but I can tell you that the P990i is a very capable device which does have some bugs but SE seem committed to sorting them out. There's a big investment required in terms of learning the UI if you haven't used UIQ before but if you stick with the task it's worth the bus fare. It's a hugely satisfying device to use and though others pick and peck at things that are wrong, I think often people don't invest the time in learning how it works and working with it, not expecting it to be the absolutely perfect device to end all attempts by anyone to produce a more perfect device! The biggest issue I see at the moment is the low RAM but working with Swiss Manager this can be managed until SE attend to it. The keyboard, though on paper looks like it's titchy and crap, is actually excellently designed with the height of all the keys and their firm click-push enabling big fingers to use it effectively. I'm currently learning about how to use the device effectively with flip-off, making use of the hardware buttons and keyboard, as I prefer not to have the bulk on the front, though it does afford some protection.

I would thoroughly recommend this device, for what it's worth.


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If I were you, I'd rather wait till the P990i is debugged

The current P990i sw and fw are a real can of bugs and, unless you want to spend your life calling SE's tech sup daily and get useless answers, I'd rather wait till they fix it. The phone's sw conflicts with many, very standard applications and services. On top, bluetooth is only compatible with very selected devices recommended by SE. A real nightmare. Maude

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I completly disagree!! R4A13 firmware on P990 is stable, and with very few bugs, people consider it should be the firmware that SE should have put initially on the P990

So, go for it, has long has you can update it to the latest fw


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