All About Symbian - Nokia (S60) and Sony Ericsson (UIQ) smartphones unwrapped

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N93 - its now out - if you have one say so

They made us wait ages, and now its finally arrived weeks and weeks late..

Was it worth it ? - if you bought one say so and what you thought of it..

Old 12-09-2006, 12:48 PM
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Ive got one, had one since last week imported it from Hong Kong...
Im disappointed with the battery life though i dont know if its me just not conditioning it properly, or a genuine issue.

1100mah goes nowhere, took it off charge 7am this morning, listened to 2 hours of music say in ict, came home, transferred some files over usb, a little bit of mp3s over loudspeaker, watched 2 or 3 videos and im down to 4 bars!!
Wont make it to the end of the day ill bet! :(

Old 17-09-2006, 12:18 PM
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got mine today, however for that price I expected more. transfered few movies on it, but n93 wouldn't play, I guess it doesn't come with a good media player installed. Tried to connect to wireless networks, but the phone wouldn't do that either, seems like a glitch to me or a bug in the software (hopefully not hardware). the videos taken are huge and take up your space really fast even with medium quality which is not really good when you play it back on the screen, if you happen to buy this phone, get 1Gb or more card with it..... also my phone always freezes especially when trying to select different network. I have to switch it off and turn back on several times a day...

3.2 megapixels camera is great addition, I don't need to carry my camera with me now. The internet browser has impressed me with its flexibility and software support, but i haven't tried other ones yet to compare. I am still trying to figure out how to play mp3 on it.

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Got mine 2 weeks back. phone feature is great, loved it. Hate the camera - slooooooow when taking images. Can't take instantaneous shots - response is just too slow.

Switching from camera mode to fold open mode should give me seamless switch to the 2nd vga camera, but no - i have to always select the option key, swithc to video mode, then the display comes on. Then i have to switch to image mode. overloaded??

I had sent it back to Nokia last week for a firmware flash, as switching profiles in fold close mode became impossible. After the flash - things are slightly faster, but with more pictures and videos, it is starting to slow again. The nokia tech said that it is most prob due to the large miniSD capacity - but i'm using the 512MB that came with the phone!!!

I am less critical of the videos, and this is to me a key feature as I bought the phone for the video capabilities. But, i have tried N73, and i thought it was as impressive - so maybe i could have saved a few hundred bucks and got N73 instead.

battery life - dissapointed.

If you are looking for a camera phone that takes instant photos - go for SE K800 (i think), the ones where the tennis babes fly around.

Overall - 3.2MP camera, great. batter life - lousy. phone features - 3 thumbs up. Videos are great.

One caveat - lightings must be good to take good videos and photos.



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