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Internet on N70 using pc connection.

In this Part I will focus mainly on internet related features of the Nokia N70. This guide is going to be a long one so take the time to read it, it will be worth it.

Let me start off by listing the ways to get connected to the internet on the N70 and what maximum speeds are achieved in each case.

1. GPRS over GSM networks at 14Kbps MAX.
2. GPRS over UMTS networks at 14Kbps MAX.
3. GPRS over 3G networks at 50Kbps MAX.
4. Using PC’s internet connection via Bluetooth at your PC’s connection speed.

The first three connection types are quite basic. If your service provider supports them, they will provide you with assistance on how to activate them. However the last one is a bit different from the rest and I will show how to make it work. Let me explain why you need it and how it functions.

Lets assume you want to be able to use internet on your N70 while at home. You have a fast 24/7 internet connection on your PC and have a bluetooth adapter/dongle. Now, instead of paying your service provider for using GPRS, you want to route your PC’s internet connection to your N70 via bluetoth so that you can use the internet on your N70 free of charge while at home. Alright now, lets get our hands dirty with this stuff.

Let’s make sure we have all the tid bits required to make it work:

* A PC with an internet connection (duh!)
* A bluetooth dongle/adapter with appropriate drivers installed (Preferably Widcomm or Broadcom drivers)
* m-Router 3 - Download it from here
* Gnubox for N70 - Download it from here

Make sure your bluetooth drivers are installed and working correctly. I am using Widcomm drivers for bluetooth that came with my Bluetooth adapter. Default Windows drivers should work just as well.

Configuring m-Router

Let’s first configure m-Router to accept incoming. Start the mRouter installation and complete it. If you are using Widcomm drivers, something like this might show up right after the installation process:


Click no if the above screen appears.


After the installation, the setup wizard will come, click Next>


Select your N70 in the device selection screen and click Next>


Uncheck the box where it says “Automatically connect to this device when it is in range” and click Finish


Now right click on the m-Router taskbar icon and click on Advanced Settings


Click on the View button under Additional COM Ports


Select the COM Port used by your Bluetooth device and click on >> as shown above. In my case the COM Port used is COM5, it may be different in your case.


After setting the COM Port, click OK.


Under connectivity methods, look for Additional COM Ports and expand it to make sure your COM port is there. Click Close

Now that our m-Router is all set, let’s configure Gnubox on the N70.

Gnubox for N70 Configuration

Transfer the file gnubox_N70.sis and follow the regular installation process. Make sure that Bluetooth is turned ON on your PC and N70. Also make sure that your PC and N70 are paired.
Go to Tools -> Settings -> Connection -> Access points . See the image below

Go to Options -> New access point -> Use default settings.

Change the connection name to Bt. Gnubox will not accept any other connection name so make sure you have it set to Bt.
Gnubox Gnubox

Now that you have a connection named Bt, run Gnubox and go to Options -> Install -> Create Records

Gnubox Gnubox

Dont worry when it says ISP ‘Bt’ not found. Exit Gnubox. This step is very important so make sure you Exit Gnubox.


Now run Gnubox again. This time the screen will look something like below.


Go to Options -> 2box Bluetooth -> Serial port.

The phone will now search for Bluetooth devices, select you PC and hit OK. The screen should look like below.

We are almost done here. Now Go to Options -> Install -> change default AP to set Bt as your default Access Point. Then go to Options -> Debug -> Bring up IF

That’s all, the phone will connect to your PC via Bluetooth and show a message saying “Connection Open” (couldn’t take a screenshot of that, it goes away too quick). Now you can browse the internet, chat with friends and do pretty much anything that you can do over GPRS.

Alright now, so far I have discussed the ways to get online and gave a detailed description on how to get connected via Bluetooth using PC’s internet connection.

My featured projects:
Changing fonts on N70

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