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Originally Posted by GhostDog
As much as i respect you and your website i'll have to put my foot down here.TheSpecialBoy made an honest mistake,you dont have to trow it in his face for that
If somebody makes a mistake and realizes that he was wrong, the best thing is to appologize. I have never seen any good word from him, even though he had plenty of time since the date of his post.

Originally Posted by GhostDog
it was even replayed by sean that this layout is used by many websites.
That's right. That's why he already knows that he made a mistake and should at least say that he was wrong. He decided not to give a damn about it.

And what about the comparison with AAS? Why do you speak with such anger?
You seem to have some problems with perception.

When he calls me "The guy whatever he likes to call himself", calls me a SPY, writing the name of my site makes him almost puke, then you consider this a friendly attitude right? "He just made a mistake"? And when I simply inform that my newsserver existed before this forum appeared (just to explain that I had no reasons to copy anything), you call this "anger"? Strange. I would call this "selective" and not very objective.

I really dont care if existed long time before AAS and had thousands of users with tens of thousands of posts.
And I really don't care if you care. That was nothing but information.

Your replay to his post is not much better then his post.He made a mistake,what about you?
I reacted to his untrue and unfair accusation, expressed in a very unfriendly form, which he didn't bother to correct.

Everybody can make a mistake. But his post was also full of anger (he even said that 4 times himself). People who make a mistake (especially if they throw an untrue accusation) SHOULD correct their mistake (not to mention saying "sorry"). He didn't.

If he could call me a spy and use a couple of other nice expressions like this WITHOUT ANY REASON (or just because he didn't know what he was talking about) and didn't bother to excuse, then I could be a little bit angry. Pretty fair.

BTW. Also notice this:

he gets a lot of free stuff from we know hwo...and also gets the style of your Forum....
Another false and harmful accusation of being paid/sponsored by someone. This is almost criminal.
Best Regards,
Michal Jerz,


proud, rafe

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