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Old 08-09-2003, 01:48 PM
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3 announce developer competition for Motorola A920

3 have announced a develop competition for the A920. Developers can register and find more information on the 3 website. Prizes include training vouchers, handsets, Macromedia Studio MX2004 software, Motorola Bluetooth headsets and Macromedia jackets. Applications can be written in C++, J2ME or Flash.

In the FAQ 3 state that there will only be limited number of devices for actual testing on the handset (top 20 developers). Futhermore store bought A920's will not work because applications must be signed by 3 for the 3 network due to the nature of some of the API's (no I'm not sure what that means either!).

I sincerely hope that 3 realise a locked handset will put of many users and developers.

No details on the signing process are yet available.

Press Release:

3 launches developer competition for the Motorola A920video mobile

8th September 2003

3 UK, the video mobile network, today announced the launch of a competition inviting developers to submit applications to run on its new video mobile, the Motorola A920.

With it’s large colour touch screen, powerful processor, and support of Symbian OS C++, Macromedia Flash and Java technologies it provides an exciting platform for developers applications.

The competition is open to developers from companies and individual developers who wish to enter. The competition covers three separate technology environments: Symbian OS, Java and Macromedia Flash. In each of these technologies there are three categories for the type of application presented: Games, Music/entertainment/infotainment and Business/Utilities/E-learning.

There are a range of competition prizes including the latest Motorola A920 series developer phone, software bundles from Sun and Macromedia, membership to Symbian’s Affiliate partner program and Bluetooth headsets.

The competition will be the first time that 3 have engaged with the developer communities of Motorola, Symbian, Sun and Macromedia. In also represents an important milestone in assisting the developer community to harness the power of 3’s latest video mobile for developing innovative applications and content propositions.

“Sun is enabling 3 to effectively deliver dynamic Java technology-based applications which are stimulating demand for its 3G services," said Jonathan Schwartz, Executive Vice President, Software, Sun Microsystems Inc. "Sun has a global community of over 3 million Java developers who are creating exciting and innovative games and applications. The 3 competition is an excellent opportunity for them to bring their applications to market."

"Macromedia Flash Player is the leading rich Internet client and having it supported on 3's new Motorola handset will enable our existing developer base to create content and applications for this exciting new device," said Peter Meechan, vice president, Macromedia. "We are pleased to co-sponsor this competition and look forward to seeing what our developer community delivers, as they always inspire us with their ability to merge form and function into great digital experiences.”

Isabel Chapman from Motorola said "we are very proud of our newly launched Motorola A920 and we believe the potential is enormous for delivering fun and functional applications to consumers. The 3 competition is a great incentive to encourage the developer community to create something new and unique for the A920."

Ed Kay, Director of tools and developer relations, Symbian, said,
“ By joining the A920 application competition, developers can take advantage of the growing commercial opportunities with 3 - a leading 3G network - and Symbian OS whether it means writing applications for C++, Macromedia Flash or Java technologies. Symbian is excited to support 3 and its developer community on its first Symbian OS phone.”

The competition is supported by Motorola, Symbian, Sun Microsystems and Macromedia.

For further details on the competition please visit:
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Old 08-09-2003, 06:31 PM
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Seems a bit stange offering a Bluetooth headset as the A920 does not support it

Old 08-09-2003, 07:58 PM
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The rumour is that the A920 has a Bluetooth chipset built-in and that the Bluetooth feature will be included in a future firmware upgrade.

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Old 08-09-2003, 09:28 PM
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Originally Posted by GhostDog
The rumour is that the A920 has a Bluetooth chipset built-in and that the Bluetooth feature will be included in a future firmware upgrade.
Is it me or does this phone seem rushed to anyone else?

I can't say i'm a big fan of the network or the current phones to date, but they seem to be heading in the right direction...what's with this BT/App locking business?

Old 08-09-2003, 11:49 PM
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Originally Posted by J2theIZZO
Is it me or does this phone seem rushed to anyone else?
I don't know about it being rushed, but I really really dislike everything about this phone, and even Motorola in general.

I think this huge ugly thing may create a bad reputation for Symbian/UIQ. And with Motorola announcing that they've dropped their share in Symbian just after the A920's release and agreing to '3''s ridiculous restrictions, I can't help but feel that they want it to fail, as well as for Symbian/UIQ to become less popular and be thought of as a "restricted" OS/UI.

Even though Motorola is still a Symbian licensee, they have announced that they will be focusing on Java for their future smartphones, leaving Symbian behind. So, if they will actually manage to stick to Java (and Linux as the core OS maybe?) only this time, Symbian smartphones will be their main competitors.

Motorola is like the 2'nd biggest mobile phone manufacturer worldwide (god knows why, they produce nothing but overpriced pieces of inferior technological junk IMO), so don't for a moment think that Motorola dropping their shares in Symbian will go by unnoticed. The public will see this as Motorola dropping Symbian all together, and even though they claim they haven't, the public will still see it as Motorola losing faith in Symbian.

This all just smells fishy to me...

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Old 04-11-2003, 08:12 PM
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Over at the we have just posted an interview with Eddie McNeil the Solutions Implementation Manager at 3 who is running the competition.


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