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Nokia Lost my 9210. Sum1 Please advise!!

Can sum1 advise me as to what to do now....

My 9210 had a charging prob so i contacted Nokia and they said that they come and pick it up. So they do that last week thursday, i phoned them on monday this week and they said that it is still being fixed by Communicaid and at that time they were closed ( they close at 5pm)

So i phoned them 2day to see when it was cuming back, but they say they hav no trace of it AT ALL, nowhere on their system, she checked with the courier company and they say that it hasnt even been picked up.

Assuming sumthing like could easilly happen, i took down the driver name, number, and Reg plate of the van, i gave that to the manager at Comunicaid and she say that she will find out. Then she phoned be back at about 4:30 and say she still cant find it anywhere!! This has pissed me off. Nokia helpline is pure bullshit!

What should i do?
Can i make them gimme a new phone in replacement?

Any advice would be trully appreciated!

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If you got plates of the van and all that, I would really take some action.
Maybe you could go to them personally?

Maybe even get the cops with you the next time if they won't help you...

Good luck to u!
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Threaten the courier company to be taken to the small claims court as it would appear that it was with them that it went missing. They have all the details to find out who stole the 9210 and sack him/attempt to get it back. No doubt communicaid can testify that they've not had it and by the fact that you have the reg no of the vehicle will show it actually came to you, it'd be hard to fluke a reg no.
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I had a problem where the external screen got broken in transit while the phone was undergoing a firmware upgrade under warranty. I arranged this through Nokia.

When Communicaid tried to charge me for the repair, life got complicated. Since Nokia arranged the collection, they are responsible for insurance and replacing the phone if it gets lost / damaged after collection. So, you shouldn't go to the courier yourself. My problems started because Nokia / Communicaid couldn't agree who had arranged the collection. Furthermore, it seems Nokia's internal processes are crap because they couldn't trace the transaction through their systems and the person on the end of the phone didn't seem to know what they were talking about and wouldn't take any initiative to sort it out. I must have spent 3 hours on the phone over 10 calls to get it sorted. It's painful. Communicaid were a lot more helpful than Nokia for my problem. In the end Communicaid got Nokia toagree that the phone should be repaired free of charge


I think Communicaid log all their phone receipts by IMEI, so they should be able to confirm whether it arrived. Having said that, their processes aren't perfect either. If they are sure they don't have it then..

You should have the order reference no from Nokia and the collection order reference from the courier. With this info Nokia ought to be able to track the order through their system. The first step is to get them to accept that they placed the order on the courier for collection. Once done, it is their responsibility and your claim should be against Nokia. They are responsible for this, both legally and morally. If Communicaid placed the order on Nokia's behalf, it may be their responsibility, although they are acting as Nokia's sub-contractor so this is more complicated.

If they dick you around, you are going to have to threaten them with the small claims court and, if necessary, take them there. To do this, you will have to get all your paperwork in order.

Copies of orders, etc from the courier (if you can get them) will be useful for this and to persuade Nokia to sort it out.

Trouble is, it's easy for Nokia to do nothing.

You could try approcahing the courier direct. The reason for this is that they should be able to track the collection no through their system. They should have a record of collection and a record for delivery with signature. This should identify where the phone is/is not and may help you in focussing your attention on the right part of the process. It will also clearly identify who placed the order on them and is something you can send to Nokia / Communicaid as appropriate.

Good luck.

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Thanx guys!
I just phoned em up and she sed she is still tracing it but up till now aint had any luck :(
She sed she will ring me back later! So i will hav to wait and see what she says!

Thanx again!

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I've had this problem as well in the past, and when they tried to say that it was never picked up, I have CCTV in my front door, 8) 8) so I recorded the guy picking it up, I then sent this down to the courier company, as guess what they suddenly found it, when I threatened them with severe legal action! :P :P :P They said that it was in a back log of collections to be processed! BULL SHIT was it!

One word of advice NEVER TRUST those delivery/collection drivers they are pure 100% theives, out to grab what ever they can.

That delivery guy knew that he was picking up my 9210 as he had communicaids details, he thought that he'll have a free commuincator, but F*** did he!

One thing that never lies, is the CCTV!


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