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Playing Large RealMedia Files From MMC

I actually have a few questions. First off, I have the chinese 3650 flashed with english, v1.34. It has the RealOne mobile player on it too. My first question is, Is this 3650 a bad model? I have been reading some posts and it seems some people are saying earlier versions are crappy. Is mine an early version? Can I update/re-flash it to make it not so crappy? Also, I have encoded several realmedia files to playback on my 3650. I load them to my 128mb MMC and then try to play them on the phone. It seems the phone doesn't like to play realmedia video files that are larger than 600k. What is the point of having high density expandable memory if you can't use it to stream large files into the phone interface? I would like to know if there is a way to stream large files from the MMC. It seems the phone buffers the entire video into local memory to play it. I haven't gotten any aftermarket software yet, I am still learning how to use the stock functions. Also, my memory card will not allow large files to be transferred onto it. Is there a limit to the individual file size that you can transfer onto a 3650 formatted card? I want to be able to encode a 13-15mb realmedia file and play it back locally on the phone. I have tried many times and the best I could do was get 6 500k files onto the memory card. After that it has write errors when i attempt to add a file. I have also had success with a 2mb realmedia audio only file. Any help is much appreciated. Thanks.


p.s. here is a pic i took with my 3650.

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Thanks for this kind of question and also post your problem here.. Everybody concern about this topic who were trying to upgrade their 7650 to 3650 because of the memory issue..

It looks like there is a big problem with the MMC card..

Lets wait for the answers... 8)

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How do you transfer to the phone?
The trick is to transfer directly into your 'video' folder on the MMC card using the NEW nokia suite for 3650 or PC Filemanager from EPOCH ware.
Rather then sending to the phones 'inbox' using bluetooth or InfaRed file send. When I tried to send to the 'inbox' I could not send files bigger then about 1.5mb, but directly into the 'video' folder was no problem

I have a 16mb MMC card which has four 2-3mb real videos on without any problem.
I have never seen any read/write errors.

Thou maybe the early version firmware on our flashed 3650 does not support the BIG 128mb cards?
Does anyone else have a BIG mmc cards?

If I get time I will find a large 10mb video and transfer that to see if it will play...

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The prerelease firmware is NOT finished product!
Wait for the new one, that will be available soon.

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I would have responded earlier, but I just got around to reading your message now...

I am able to play large (60-70MB) .rm files from MMC with no problems. The trick is to go into realone player->options->settings->Video and turn "Performance" to OFF. This should do the trick.

Oh, and by the way, my firmware is 1.34.



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