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Half a Million on T-Mobile UK's Flat Rate Data Plans

T-Mobiles flat-rate data plans, under the moniker of "Web and Walk" have reached 500,000 subscribers (reports Ewan MacLeod of SMSTextNews). At £7.50 per month on top of any regular plan, it's proven good value to many people, but I'm more interested in the problems that MacLeod and other urban dwellers are finding with the speeds achieved. Mobile data is growing, and if the networks are creaking at the moment...

Read on in the full article.

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Hi all,

Well i have been a happy Web N Walk customer for just over a year now and whilst very occasionally i have a had a problem in general i would say it is an excellent service at a fair price. Especially when compared to some of the other Networks offers even those newly launched by Voda don't come close. I also had a conversation with T-Mobile data support earlier this week and was told we can expect to see 7.2mbps speeds by year end, that along with the new devices due next year leads me to believe Mobile data really has got to the point where it really offers the full Internet experience on our devices at last.


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Well I was on WnW for nearly 20 months. Great service from T for the most part. Data speeds often suffered during the day and T's coverage of Glasgow and Edinburgh is fairly poor at times it must be said.

The main reason I left was T's very poor upgrade paths. £295 for an N95 on a fairly decent contract. No thanks.

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N95 showing 3.5G T-mobile WnW

I have been with T-mobile WnW for nearly a year.

Got my N95 on Ebay,unlocked and unbranded for £360, updated the firmware a week ago and now as well as having faster A-GPS the display shows 3.5G in some locations around Winchester. Web is definitely faster and good value for SIM only.

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hi.iv used t mob now for about 16 months.was initially plesaed with them,having a 3g connection where i live was amazing,something o2 couldnt and still cant time progressed though signal problems occurred one lasting well over a month around christmas time.t mob recond it wa the phone so off it went for firmware upgrade when it came back it was just as bad as beforeit went sim was put into 3 different mobiles all showed the same signal fault.friends on t mob all experienced the same trouble.despite numreous calls to cc they wouldnt admit to the network being at fault until i wrote them a scaithing letter asking for them to cancell my deal on the grounds that they couldnt provide the service for which i paid good money for.the whole network was totally unuseable so my request wasnt unreasonable.

since then things have improved but are nowhere near what it was like when i first signed up with quality is okish,texts take an eternity to arrive(dont rely on sending a text saying you ll be there in 5mins cos it wont get there before you) and 3g is at the mo none existant,just like it is with o2 here.

i cant complain though £7.50 for unlimited net access is damn good!

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Have to say 3g has been excellent for the 15 months I've been using it. Guess it depends on if you happen to be in a 'problem' area. So far, I've been surprised at how often I have got a 3G signal. I did not realise it was so widely available. Best speed I have measured is around 38KB (kiloBytes) per sec.

I do sometimes get GPRS only, but on the whole, exellent....


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Interesting that a contract + WnW costs minimum £27.50 per month; if you are a low talk and text user, and use the web stuff on certain days - mayber 15-20 days per month then it might work out cheaper to go PAYG. Web costs are capped at £1 per day.

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True. My problem is that on a contract i know the minutes etc. will be 'free'. With PAYG I'll always be thinking what the cost is and so end up not using it.

Silly I Know, but just the way my brain works...

Also, there is the subsidy aspect of getting the phone cheap.

You have got me thinking though, I'll do some sums come contract renewal time. But then I may end up not getting an E90 because of the price (no subsidy)...


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Cool Low cost contract Not a minimum of £30(!)

T-mobile do a £7.50 monthly contract (sim only) with 50 mins thrown in, no long term contract onbligation. Adding in unlimited usage gives me a total of £15 per month for unlimited browsing and I use VOIP for calls.

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I called T-Mobile about the SIM only 7.50 + 7.50 WnW deal but they told me that the 7.50 WnW is not available except with 12 month contract deals. So for me it's cheaper to stay PAYG. Because T-Mobile bonus me £4 for topping up £20 per month, I can browse as much as I like for less than £20 per month, and get 4 quid worth of calls.

If I was using the full quid allowance everyday then it would be better for me to go to 20quid per month contract + 7.50 WnW, but I would probably prefer not to be on a fixed contract in case a better deal comes along.


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