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Question P900, O2 pay as you go and Internet connection

Hello everybody. I am new here, but I have one interesting problem and I did not find any solution when reading old posts.

I have a pay as you go O2 phone with SE P900 in UK. Yes, I know, seems strange, but I have my reasons, to use O2 pay&go, because of extremely cheap method to call overseas.

Anyway. I wanted to connect to the internet, to set up my email and to be able to surf on the web. I used autosetup message from Sony Ericsson website. It has set me up a GPRS connections for sending MMS, but I am using it as an Internet connection as well. And now is the best part:
I do not pay for it! I can browse web pages totally for free. But there are few restrictions.

First - I can't use Opera as my browser. It simply does not display any contents. The only page I can view with my Opera is O2 website and the content is atually: "You have to upgrade your Opera Browser to the latest version." And yes, I have the latest version, but I still get this message. To be clear - when I connect P900 to my computer, I can use its internet connection and view any websites with Opera without any problems.
If I am using internal browser - I can surf on the internet over GPRS without any problems, in fact I am reading my newspapers this way everyday

Second restriction, and this is worse - internal e-mail client is not working. I mean - it is connecting to the internet, but it is trying to connect to my e-mail server and nothing happens. It is trying for few minutes and no effect. And yes, I can access the same server on www via internal browser. But e-mail client is not working. I have not tried any other e-mail clients so far, but I reckon it will be the same.

And this is a reason for my post. If someone have an access to O2 pay&go SIM card, could you please check if you can surf the internet for free - if so, I think it is a very good news for many of you. You can simply buy such card and put it in the telephone for the time of browsing www.

On the other hand, if anyone knows a way, how to set up GPRS connection to access e-mail on O2 pay&go in UK, it would be great to know it. I really miss my e-mails when I am away and I can't even read them via www - internal browser in P900 is so poor, that it displays a page for login, but doesn't allow me to log in, most probably because of Java used on the page.

I am sorry if this post is too complicated, I was trying to describe everything as simply as possible.

Best regards to all of you.

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I have an o2 contract on my P910 and I can't access my email inbox either. I can send but not receive. I use Aol.
The box seems to look for the mails, then it just stops and shows nothing. I wonder if this is a phone fault, Aol fault, or an o2 fault. My problem is that they all blame the other for it not working.

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If you look in your GPRS settings, what is the name of the GPRS server it is connecting to? Because it sounds very much like you are using WAP GPRS and not Internet GPRS.

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I think you are right. In control panel in my P900 in 'Internet accounts' both configurations are using server, in 'WAP accounts' it is written that I am using proxy

However I did not find any information on O2 website, how to set up GPRS internet access. And, what is quite interesting, I can view internet webpages using my actual settings. And despite both GPRS MMS and GPRS WAP accounts seems to be set up exactly the same, I am not paying for browsing www when using GPRS MMS.

But now I have another question. Can I use another ISP, I can pay them with my credit card or in some other way, but to get access to GPRS internet? I mean to use different provider than my GSM network. Is it possible?


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