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Voice recognition?


Are there any tools/applications which I can use to extend my P900's voice dialling etc. functionality?

I'm just experimenting for the first time with dialling contacts using my voice and with calling my phone to action with the "magic word" feature.

It occurs to me that, if I could call my phone to action with the magic word, it should then be able to take other voice commands as macros to execute other phone actions. For example... "hello, phone" (my magic word) ... "turn on speaker" ... "launch jotter" ... "check e-mail" ... whatever... see?

Obviously, I'm not technically adept enough to write such a thing, but I don't see any reason why such a thing couldn't exist. Anything out there?

While I'm on it, there should also be a way to have speakerphone answering/calling on by default.

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If you are proposing a manner by which one can integrate voice recognition with the OS then you'll have your work cut out for you. The environment is complex thereby making it difficult to develop such a system that wouldn't conflict with other functionalities of the phone. You can look at developing software that allows the capability, but with software it would require an elaborate mapping system. I haven't even seen anything like this in the Japanese market. And from what I've seen they are at least a few years ahead of the Western market. I'll be over there next month so I can certainly poke their brains about the need they've gotten back from their consumers.

As to the speakerphone, I think it's possible to map one of the keys to automatically check that 'speakerphone' box that we normally have to check. I don't think you can simply rig the phone where simply toggling the flip up and down would execute the speakerphone on a call. You would be limited to other functions that are currently present. Although if you can map, lets say, the internet key button to autmatically check that 'speakerphone' button when the flip is open then you essentially minimize the current process. Most phones with flips do allow you to answer/end a call by toggling the flip. However, keep in mind that these ares are simply just phones. They are not pda/phones. Anywho, those are my thoughts.
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For me they should add the turn on speaker phone that would complete a call process for example "optimus"(my phones magic word), "call my baby"(my gf),"optimus","turn speaker phone on" or "optimus transfaer call to bluetooth headset"(coz mine doesnt automatically transfer, I have to press the answer button once to make it transfer. But on ordinary calls, they do transfer automtically, just on the voice dial :-)
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