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Flash Games

I've found this site. The games are bloody funny. Have a look. Most of them won't work properly on the phone (Require keyboard) - but they are ace. I've wasted at least an hour doing stuff such as spanking the monkey.

The URL:

Have fun!

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Sooo if I understand this correctly - someone could make games for the A920 using flash?

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Yup. Cant use the buttons tho - you would have to use the screen with the pen to control them so it kind of only really works well for puzzle games.

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hey guys

how did you download the games from the site? and where did you upload them too in the phone.


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How I did it.

To download from the site - I cheat.

Windows internet explorer will have a directory somewhere containing a cache of your recently viewed websites (Or rather the components that make up the site). Run the flash file on the site and it will go into the cache. Then just find the file in the cache - it will be a .swf file.

To stick it in your phone just dump it into the documents folder (Not that it really matters which folder you put it in to be honest) on the phone.

To run it you need to go into control panel, then memory manager, then files, then look for files of type 'Document'. When you click on it, it will run.

I recommend then storing the file in bookmarks on the browser so that you dont have to go through all that crap each and every time you want to run the file.

On a final note, flash files suck hard on the battery, so make sure you close the tab that its running in when youre finished with it or it will just run in the background.

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Here is a gem of a site:

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Andy F

Thanx for the indepth advice, I'll have a play around.


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No probs.

No problems. BTW, does anybody have access to Director & Flash? If so, and you fancy a go, there are some games with source code ripe for updating to the A920 screen & control format on:

The guidelines for flash on the A920 can be found at:

Now we have got Flash and locking the phone to 2.5G sorted, all we need to do is figure out how to bypass the symbion application lock - then it will finally be happy days

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Can sum1 pls help me. Wen i get the.swf file on my fone (From the website given at the start of this thread) it just loads up the browser and nothing happens, just leaves a plain white screen??

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thats because it isnt a flash 5 file, the a920 can only support Flash 5 or below. Chances it is a Flash 6 or 7 file.

If you are looking for free flash games for your phone goto:

If you can make flash games you can make money also.

Proud owner of the A920
Free Flash Games for the A920 only at

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flash games -- with the a1000 + keybord

hi all i now own an a1000 i love the way you can get sneaky programes for it!

will all flash game run on it do the come up full screen etc.

has any one written any programes for the a1000 that alows the mouse button thing and the button on the left of the phone to be used like fire buttons and arrow keys? a programe that could asigh the arow keys from the key board to the mouse button and other letters , or even the option to asign your self any keys to these buttons would be rely good.

is there any thing in any developers forums . i know a bit of programing so might have a dable


flash, games

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