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Desperately seeking advice on SLauncher

Ok, i have some decent java apps that i wanna play but cant due to insufficient memory e.g. worms, fifa etc. So i'm going to use the memory trick i.e. holding down the menu button on startup to free up memory. But i hear you need Smart Launcher installed for this to work. I REALLY dont want to use Slauncher, but i wanna play my java games, so i will make the sacrifice.

Once i've installed it, is there any way of making it seem like its not on there i.e. keeping the default menus/icons etc ? And any other way to make it seem the app is not installled.

p.s. got nothing against it, its just im happy with my current setup.

Thanks for the help


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The sLauncher trick only works if you have your charger plugged in. Not a very mobile solution. You can use the System Tools flight mode to free up some memory while staying mobile, of course then the 3650 does not work as a phone.
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SLauncher lets me do the memory trick at any time Kirill, not only when it's plugged in. Something strange happening there perhaps?
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why can't you play fifa? it don't take that much RAM i can play it with mp3go on in the background and it wont give any errors :-?
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dunno then it says Memory Full immediately... Also what is flight mode?

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Flight Mode is a feature of an app called Sytem Tools from PsiLOC.Its intened for use where mobile phones are not allowed(Aeroplanes).Basically,it disables the phone function and as a side effect you'll have a couple of KB's more.

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fifa DOES work now.... are there many java apps that clog up the mem like 'Worms'? Otherwise i wont bother.....


advice, desperately, seeking, slauncher

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