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Question (VODAFONE) "Datastart: packet data connection not available"

Wondering if anyone can shed any light on this, I get the above warning/error when booting up the phone. The phone works perfectly other than this. It hasn't always done this so I'm thinking it must be something I've installed, trying to use GPRS. I only use my WLAN router to go online and everything I've installed is set to this access point. It's a Vodafone UK spec N95 8Gb, but I'm living in Spain at the moment and it's roaming to Vodafone ES. Its not costing me anything at the minute (obviously it can't get GPRS here) but when I go back to the UK I don't want it connecting to GPRS of it's own accord and costing me money.
Any information on this would be greatly appreciated

Fw: 35.0.015