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Originally Posted by vane505 View Post
Thank you for all your replies! Very helpful!

As you might have understood I'm a newbie on GPS, so I'm wondering if the software (like TomTom) will help to get better signals or is it just the hardware?

Also, this is a bit out of topic, but I have tried to find benchmarks were they compared X500 with N95, but (ofcourse these are two different systems) I can't find anything. So considering the power like the CPU etc, which one of the X500 and N95 is the most powerful?

Also about the OS. What is the differences in the OS and can you distinctively see which one is better than the other? What's better with Windows Mobile and vice verca.

Thank you

As far as I know, the quality of the hardware determines how quickly you will pick up a signal. If you are comparing windows mobile and symbian, I would suggest picking up an old cheap ipaq and nokia to get a feel for both of them. I've owned many windows mobile devices in the past and I really enjoyed my experience with them. The windows mobile phones always felt like they were computers first and phones second while symbian seems to be the other way around.

Since you are leaning towards the N95, why don't you just pick that up and get a dedicated gps system. They are not as expensive as they once were. Also, the ETEN M700 had a problem where the gps signal would not update if you were moving at very slow speeds (like 4-5 mph). I don't know if the X500 has this problem but it's a possibility since they are both very similar.