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Before getting my n95, I was the proud owner of an ETEN M700 which is very similar to the X500. I love the n95 but it seems that the gps takes about 5 minutes to get a lock everytime. On my previous ETEN, the longest I ever had to wait to get a lock was 70 seconds but I usually got a connection after 10 to 20 seconds. I also used TomTom 6 too. I don't think that TomTom works with the internal gps on the N95 yet but i'm confident that it will work in the near future.

If gps is the only thing you are looking for, then the X500 may be better for you but keep in mind that there are many things that are different about these phones such as OS, memory, and applications. Make sure you factor in these things before making your purchase. Me? I've been using windows mobile for the past 3 years but after upgrading to the N95, I haven't looked back at all!

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