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My 7650 is dying slowly too - tempramental keys, occasionally puts itself into headset mode (with no headset plugged in), memory nearly gone...

It's really no wonder Nokia are the market leaders, they've released a 3 or 4 gen 1 s60 phones and a gen 2 s60 phone, when the other manufacturers have yet to release their first s60 to the world at large.

I'm really losing faith in the sx1 - siemens went on and on about making it 'bug free' before release, and as soon as it's released it has some quite major bugs. bah.
Sendo X - will it ever arrive? If it does will it ever get to my corner of the world?

I think the 7700 will be here by then, probably the new communicator too!

A friend has the new motorolla flip phone, screens is very similar to the sharp gx20/30 (i haven't seen a real 6600 yet so can't compare) - it has a vga camera and bluetooth and java games... soooo tempting...
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