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E61 questions / problems

I've only had this running for 2 days so please forvige me if these things are easy to do but I've not found a way to do it yet so would appreciate anyones help:

1) I receive an email that has a phone number in it. I want to call that number? How the hell do I get this to work? I can highlight the number but I can't copy it, I can't add to contacts (it only adds the email address) and I cna't click on the green call button on it either. This is something the BB8700 does perfectly and is a major issue on the E61

2) I want to place a call to someone in my contacts, so far all I can work out is that I have to press menu, go to contacts and then search the name and call it. There is no shortcut / one button press to get you straight to contacts. A bit of an issue for a phone! (update, I found how to change the bottom left option (default is Notes) to go to contacts).

3) I can't get it to connect to my wireless. The wireless has a password to get in but I can't find anywhere on my device to type in the password to allow it to connect. It searches and finds the network fine. How do I enter the wireless password?

4) The top menu bar on the home screen, how can I add contacts to this list? I want to remove the clock from there and add in contacts.

5) Email, how do I change the default mailbox shown when presing the mesages button? I have BES for my work mail and BIS for my home mail. Both mailboxes show up fine and work, but when I click on the messages button it takes me straight to my home mailbox and I want it to take me to my work one by default.

6) Menu button, last night it stopped working and I had to turn the phone off and on again to get it to work. Anyone else had this?

7) Default mailbox for creating a new email. I set this as "Blackberry" but after typing a message there is no send option! I have to go to type a new message and change the default from Blackberry to ... Blackberry and then it works. Stoopid thing.

8) BB Connect synchronises all my contacts. If someone sends me a text though, the messages screen shows the senders number, not their name stores in my contacts. How do you change this as it is really annoying.