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Originally Posted by messus
Ohh, I am glad I waited and have not bought the N6680 yet....

The N70 is just around the corner, is much much smaller than both the
6680/6630 and has a much more professional look (business/steel),
it has Stereo FM (Visual) Radio in addition to Stereo Mp3, it also has
35Mb built in memory compared to 10Mb on the 6680/6630, and
of course (yes I know Megapixels isn't everything, lens also matters, but..)
it has a 2Mpxiel camera compared to the 1.3 on the 6680/6630..

Although I do not know, but I would assume the N70 has at least
the same if not faster CPU as the 6680/6630...

And I feel sorry for you who just bought the N6680! Or should I not??

What do you think?

well, the idea is advancement isn't it, so its not surprising that these phones have come along...personally, i don't like the look of any of the three...all of which, in my opinion are ugly...and don't feel sorry for people who bought the 6680/6630..they are excellent handsets...if we all waited for the "best" handset from nokia, we'd be waiting forever...give it a couple of months, there will be another 3 or 4 handsets from nokia that will, no doubt, be better than the handsets recently announced...comparing these phones individual elements (the camera for instance) is also a moot point..inevitably things are going to be better..thats the idea...i'm happy with my 6630..period..and won't be upgrading to one of the above just because they are "better"...