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Originally Posted by fannypad
This is doing my head in.

I've just tried to copy 250+ contacts from a Sony Ericsson T610 to my Nokia 6630, by choosing "Send All" via Bluetooth.

Now, for all Bluetooth Sony Ericsson phones I've owned, this just sends the whole lot and the other phone automatically recognises and saves all the contacts.

However, with the 6630 (and I assume all other Series 60 devices) the contacts arrived as 250+ SEPARATE messages in the inbox, each with a .vcf v-card inside.

What's that all about? Does Nokia honestly expect me to fanny about saving each and every one by hand?

I know I can sync the T610 with Outlook then back to the 6630, but I have no desire to install Outlook just for this purpose.

Is there any way I can just copy all the contacts from T610 to 6630 without having to save them all manually?

For all its flexibility, Series 60 don't half have some head-against-brick-wall moments.
Boy! Thats exactly the frustration am in!! All my previous fones were sony erricssons and I NEVER EVER HAD A PROBLEM SENDING ALL MY CONTACT VIA BLUETOOTH IN ONE GO!!! No fiddling about! Just connect the two fones via bluetooth and send all and BINGO!!!