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Originally Posted by digitalranger View Post
Forgive me for being thick although is that limited to just S60 or since it just says "Symbian" will it work with UIQ3 too?

(I'm assuming S60 and UIQ3 is to Symbian what KDE and GNOME are to Linux, so correct me if I'm wrong!).
I'm afraid no luck. They aren't compatible in that way so if a company writes code for S60, it will need porting to UIQ.

So - if it just says 'Symbian' on the site, you will need some clarification as to whether it will work or not. That said, trying to install it if it is the wrong type wont cause any damage (just a file type not supported error or similar) so that could be the quickest way to find out

FWIW - S60 vs UIQ is more akin to Red Hat vs Debian

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