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Awesome post. Very insightful in terms of google. Would like to hear more![/QUOTE]

Someone questioned how and android phone is worth $100,000 to google....

Fundamental direct marketing. Yes you may only spend hundreds, or thousands with google checkout in any given year, but the data that you provide google is worth hundreds of thousands. Not only is your data used directly re-targeting you (Reading your e-mails on g-mail and targeting ads), but compliled, abstracted, aggregated that data is sold billions, if not trillions, of times for all those ad impressions. All those blog posts you make. All the sites you search, if google is your home page...every url you type into the address bar is tracked, not to mention the TCP/IP tracking. Grand central / wave transcribes every voicemail that is left... every number you dial, or dials you, gets a reverse append to a terrestrial (postal) address - you think your carrier is the only one who knows your postal address - think again, google now knows. Your wonderful Android phone now can be cell tri-angulate your position, turn on GPS, use Google maps and you become geo-coded.

Even if you have read the license agreement and are o.k. with being an open book to google, everyone who contacts you on your Android phone, sends an e-mail to your g-mail account gets data mined without their permission. You add friends to latitude, book mark places in maps... not only does google understand you better but will link that terrestrial address to a google profile (Remember that Amazon reciept sent to your g-mail account, with your postal address? google read that information).

So if you don't think that your Android phone is worth $100,000 check googles valuation, that doesn't come from people typing in search terms.