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Ha...well theres lots that work with the internal reciever.

Ok, so theres route66



navicore (after a fix of sorts)

wayfinder (not popular due to constant data charges).

The following is my personal opinions -

Route66 - meh, Ive had some serious routing issues, but other than that rather large problem, its ok.

Copilot - unsure about how good it is routingwise, but was seriously unimpressed with how it worked. Shocking, shocking menus systems and lack of options.

Navigon - ok, seems to navigate fine, but a bit too basic. Lacking such simple things like being able to add a point on the map as a destination/favourite and you cannot add POI.

I think everyone who wants decent satnav is pinning all their hopes on tomtom and version 7, which sadly no-one has a clue about when (or if) its going to arrive.

It sucks, but thats the current situation.

Oh, theres nokia maps too, but I havent any expirence with that, and I assume thats what you mean when you say the built in one.