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Nice. Very nice. Another normla looking S60 phone.

This is quite powerful...

I like the memory especially.


I just posted this on Mobitopia, there's a few thing worth noting (S60 v2 for example):

Sendo today announced their first Series 60 device less than a year after they licensed Series 60. The Sendo X is their first Symbian smartphone, but is considered a second generation product as it follows on from the ill-starred Z100.

The phone is a GPRS tri-band phone, has a 176x220 TFT display with up to 65,536 colours, a camera supporting stills and video, support for hot swappable SD and MMC memory cards, and has 64MB inbuilt memory (32MB available to user). This feature set makes it one of the most powerful and featured smartphones available today. Although not confirmed the X runs Series 60 version 2, indicated by support for Bluetooth API's in the J2ME implementation.

The usual Series 60 sync tools are available which can be connected to the X by infrared, Bluetooth, USB or OTA (via SyncML). The phone will be compatible with existing Series 60 applications meaning a large range of 3rd party software will be available from launch. Support for the usual browsing options (WAP 2, XHTML MP) are available, and in addition Frames and HTML 4.2 are supported natively (probably via Opera).

The Sendo Now! screen (shown in the images) is cited by Symbian and Sendo as a key differentiator, as well as offering customisation options for operators and users. The Sendo Now! screen is a today screen - type customisation listing recent appointments and messages as well as quick launch for certain programs.
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