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Originally Posted by fadi_k View Post
try this one. Never tried it myself but i think its what ur looking for. Let me know if its any good.
Hey, nice find fadi_k!

I installed it on my N97 this morning and it's so much nicer to use a virtual keyboard than the virtual numberpad Nokia make us use. It took a short while to set up though because all the options in the menus appear as squares, probably because they're written in Japanese or something and my phone doesn't have that language built in.

It works in both portrait and landscape mode. I don't think I'll find myself using the landscape one as I can just open the phone and use the physical keyboard instead, but the portrait one works wonders when I'm forced to use just one hand.

I would advise everyone give this a go. It'll need signing though. If you're going to try it, go for the 17r4 version instead of 19r4. The latter wouldn't install on my phone for some reason.

Again, nice find!

[EDIT] Here's where SlideIT is - - Looks interesting. I might give it a go later.
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