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Originally Posted by shofaan
I went back to the supplier and had to format phone memory. Now it is back to normal. I am abit more careful in transferring files and pics/vids now.
Luckily I had all the info backed up in my pc the day before phone crashed.

The only solution is resetting the memory by formating it.
Good luck.

This is my tale:
It was a beautiful day when i was playing Prince of persia..then i pressed on the exit button,but it didn`t respond,so i pressed the menu button and FEexplorer-->option-->rerstart-->yes...and all white and light,just like the torch..i didn`t know what to do so i left it and went to bed,finally this morning when i woke up,the light has been gone out,but when i hold the power button for 3 secs as light up in 2 secs and the dark came back...
Hope you guys can understand what i said and help me out of this..pls..thx soo dad could kill me if i cant fix this >_<