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Originally Posted by dez_borders View Post
I had a free 2 week trial of an N900 from Nokia, and to be honest the software support (or lack of) ruined the experience for me. (No MMS support, No voice-guided sat-nav in the very old version of MAPs that's pre-installed and not upgradable, flaky Flash support, etc.).

I own an HTC Desire at present, and have a leaked HTC test Froyo 2.2 ROM installed, and it rocks!!!
I appreciate the lack of support, but I'm willing to put in some time and effort to get the device how I want it to be. In terms of navigation, I'll still have the N97 when I need it (only drive on holidays, so not often).

When I tried the N900 (with the old flash, not the new version) the browser seemed fine. Where did you find it flaky?

Another thing I didn't mention is the interface in Android. I find it very easy to use, but quite similar to iOS in that it's flashy with large icons and seems overly-simplified. It almost feels more like using a toy than a smartphone/device. Have you noticed that?