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Originally Posted by jamessmith01 View Post
I currently own an N97 and was considering replacing it with a Desire or N900. In the end I've decided to go with the N900, as it adds several functionalities (e.g. full flash browser, open OS, DivX player, multiple homescreens) while losing only a few (e.g. full portrait mode, Google Maps).
I had a free 2 week trial of an N900 from Nokia, and to be honest the software support (or lack of) ruined the experience for me. (No MMS support, No voice-guided sat-nav in the very old version of MAPs that's pre-installed and not upgradable, flaky Flash support, etc.).

I own an HTC Desire at present, and have a leaked HTC test Froyo 2.2 ROM installed, and it rocks!!!
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