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Originally Posted by spirit44 View Post
Its funny how so many of us on here end up back with the N97 or N95 after flirting with other phones.

For me it was the HTC Desire, brilliant in every way, aside from its camera/video recording, and pathetic battery life.
My story is similar to yours, but I am staying with the HTC Desire.

I have been playing with rooted custom FroYo ROMs, for about a month, and most of the previous issues are gone. Able to install most apps2SD (90MB free internal memory with 40 apps installed), 720P HD Video Recording, JIT compiler for speed, 90000 apps to choose from, good battery life (2% charge loss per hour on standby - with widgets online and scheduled email sync all enabled).
The Hong Kong Sense 2.2 Froyo Desire ROM was leaked online yesterday (rooted) and it appears 100% bug-free, so the official UK OTA can't be far away.

Nokia's got some catching up to do with their forthcoming Symbian ^3 and Meego handsets...
Phone History: Nokia 3310,7650, 6680, N70, N80, N95, N83, N96, N97...? HTC_Desire (with FroYo 2.2)

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