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Im Back

Sent my Galaxy S back to shop due to problems with the GPS.

I don't know some people are never happy, and here's the honest assesment.

I will never ever buy a phone that has just been released. I'll give it two to four weeks to find the bugs, then another week to see if it's been resolved.

The fact of the matter, I think if people get a stunning device, they will sing it's praises.

Im still of the opinion the N97 could have been so much more, but coming back to the N97 from the Samsung Galaxy S really made me squirm.

No Sim Card, and it keps asking "Do you want to establish a WiFi connection while offline?" YES. "Do you want to establish a WiFi connection..." Yes... I do... "Do you want to..." NO. "Do you want to establish..." AAAAAAAAAAARGH. Leave me alone.

Then navigating it, it's like treacle. The difference is that huge.

That's what seriously worries me about Symbian^3. Symbian has stopped being fun to use.