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@ All; Could the onces that already gave a response to my question and all the other who are going to give response tell me if they are an employee or student. And if employee, what kind of work. I didn't need to know exactly what you do, although I wouldn't mind if you tell me. If you don't want to post that here I understand that.

@ Dav.e30; And don't know what you mean by targeted with ads? What do I have to imagine?
I see you also say to dislike the fact that you need iTunes to put stuff from computer to smartphone. How does it work with Symbian? Don't you have to install stuff? And if so, than whats the difference with iPhone?
Did you considering a BB or WM smartphone?

@ de_construct; I don't get your third reason, about the Android. It looks to me that this is a reason to go for Android instead of Symbian. But can you tell me in other words what you mean by that. And is that the reason you left Symbian? My English isn't that good, I'm from Holland.
You mentioned the BB keyboard which you find better. So why not chosen a BB? Is that because of the camera? I see good reasons why you don't choose for iPhone, but maybe BB or WM smartphones can also fulfil your needs for a smartphone.

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