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Originally Posted by FredericL View Post
Thank you for your response. I clear answer for my research
But still one question, which are the main reasons you have chosen the N8 and not a smartphone from another provider like BB or iPhone? Some of those also fulfil the your primary needs for a smartphone. Like, which other smartphone from another provider you took in consideration? And what maded you decide to choose for the N8?

I hope you can answer that question for me to.
I did consider an iPhone but I don't think that the camera is as good and I didn't want to be restricted to using iTunes. It also does not have an fm transmitter or hdmi or USB on the go.

I am not aware of any BB model that has an fm transmitter.
Ditto for any Android model.

I was only really left with getting a Nokia and, at the time of my contract renewal, the N8 was just released.
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