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Originally Posted by FredericL View Post
Thank you for your answer.

Do you use the functions you mentioned often? What smartphone you had before the N8 and why do you prefer Symbian above other smartphones from other providers like Android, iPhone or BB.

The key answer for me is to see which are the main reasons you choose this Symbian smartphone above others. I hope you can give me your reasons.
Music player, podcasts and camera several times a day. Watching videos and GPS a few days per week.

I've always been a symbian user but before the N8 I had used a HTC Hero and an iPhone 4. My pet hate with the iphone was the itunes reliance. On so many occasions I wanted to aceess my files on my phone from another computer but obviously couldn't unless itunes was available. The phone was also physically fragile which gave me no confidence in day to day use. It had it's positives but out of the box it just can not do what the N8 does.

In terms of Android I always just get the impression that it just isn't complete. Battery life has been an issue on every device I tried but ultimately I ditched Android out of impatience in waiting for a 2.1 update for my HTC Hero. I may well try the platform out again in the future if my N8 packs in or Nokia's Windows devices aren't up to much.

Symbian - Does more out of the box than any other OS and I am more than familiar with it. The N8 backs this up with some of the best hardware and build on the market.