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Originally Posted by ironass View Post
If you care to look back at my 1400+ posts you will see that I was a whole hearted supporter of Nokia from the N80 until the N97, which I defended as best as I could. This was followed by the N8 that I have that shows all the hallmarks of the N97.

Nokia have obviously woken up to the situation at long last and so must we.

No matter what you or anyone says here... the public have already voted with their pockets and their feet and that's what counts in the end.
The N8 doesn't show any of the hallmarks of the N8 - its probably by far and away one of the most stable Symbian products have ever had on release.

Other than Opera Mobile causing the device to freeze, its been absolutely fantastic.

But it has been obvious to everyone bar the previous Nokia management that they needed a kicking to start releasing products on time/quicker - it must have been some idiotic internal politics that were causing some of the delays. I've worked in too many large corporates over the years, its a problem in virtually all of them.

The last comment there is an interesting one. Despite some apparently terrible products, Nokia are still managing to sell a truly massive number of Symbian devices. Its just the cheap (and sometimes nasty) Android devices that are pushing the sales of the platform.

I don't think there's been any breakdown of the Android sales by vendor - it would be interesting. to see the full list by manufacturer/price ranges.